How do you encourage teamwork in the spa?

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The best way to encourage teamwork in the spa is to recognize every team member's strengths and allow them to take control of that aspect of the project. When my spa was planning a holiday spa party for clients, we decided to cut costs by making a lot of the decorations and food. This project required us to all work together. I sat the team down and had everyone tell me what their strengths were. Those that liked to bake were in charge of the desserts, the Pinterest lovers got to make the decorations, and the girls that liked to plan were in charge of timetables and the managing details. Everyone felt that they were valued and being heard within the team.
Shady Luna, owner of Over the Moon Day Spa

I encourage my employees to work as a team by creating a judgement-free environment that values cooperation. My employees should be able to feel like they can talk to me about any problem that arises, whether that be with another professional or with a client. I also want them to know that we are better as a team. All of our collective knowledge outweighs what we can do on our own. Professionals that do not understand the worth of teamwork can be a detriment to the rest of the team.
Nancy Choute, owner of Taft Street Day Spa

I encourage teamwork in my spa by planning regular, social activities outside of the spa. I have always felt that the better a team knows each other, the better they work together. I get input from everyone in the spa on what they would like to do and then schedule the activity that the majority of the team expressed an interest in. The last get together we had was karaoke and everyone had a blast. I definitely saw that positive energy carry through into the workplace in the weeks and months that followed.
Susan Malone, manager of Teal Water Spa and Salon

I encourage teamwork by trying to manage conflict in the best possible manner. When working as a team, there are so many different ideas and personalities that have to come together. There will, undoubtedly, be a conflict in styles and characters as all of the ideas and personalities attempt to fuse together. I always try to have all of the team members respect other professionals’ ideas, regardless of whether or not they agree.
Serena McCullen, owner of Hollow Ridge Spa and Salon

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