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How do you convince clients to maintain a homecare routine?

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"I tell them that if they do not keep up with their homecare regimen, it will completely undo everything we have been trying to accomplish in the treatment room. Not keeping up with their routine would be a waste of money and we would possibly need to start over."
Khala Young, owner of Juste Moi

"I let them know that by following a homecare routine, they will make a lot of changes and long-term improvements in their skin. They will finally love the skin they are in! I also make them aware that by not following their homecare routine, they will see little-to-no changes in their skin."
Elodie Jain, aesthetician at 3000 Spa

"I tell my clients that the homecare regimen is just an extension of the service they get in the treatment room. The facial treatment, in addition to the daily skin care routine, will work towards the results that we are both looking to achieve. Not taking care of their skin at home counteracts what we have done in the treatment room, thus making it impossible to achieve results and satisfy their expectations."
Sara Fraser, owner at Sara Fraser Beauty

"When it comes to eyelash extensions, I always recommend that they buy the cleaner that comes from the same eyelash company. When they ask if the one they are using from the drugstore is okay, I tell them they will know if all their extensions fall out. They usually end up buying the product and using it!"
Lora Condon, makeup artist with The Beauty Buster

"I always let my clients know that keeping up with their homecare routine will save them money because they can extend the time between appointments and the results they achieve from those appointments. They are usually very eager to keep up with their regimen when it is linked to both their time and their money."
Addison Conner, owner of Robertson Day Spa

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