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How do you contain or stop office gossip?

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“We have an obligation to hold our colleagues and co-workers in high esteem. We can build a very strong, positive culture among ourselves that will most definitely affect our business! Gossip is a silly and harmful way to waste time! When you run into it, redirect the conversation or take a good leader with you to confront the gossiper and let the negativity stop there with the understanding that if it does not stop, consequences will be implemented to save the team. If it continues, you may need to cut the sickness out of the herd, so to say.”
Pamela Mashek, owner at Pamela Mashek Aesthetics

“It is well worth spending time educating staff on communication skills, team building, and what it takes to understand and empower others, including giving them the benefit of the doubt and offering positive support. Staff members are then ready with a response such as, ‘this really is not an appropriate conversation.’ Personal development and sensitivity education in a multicultural society is worth the investment. It helps eliminate thoughtless comments and speculation. Gossip is a bad habit of judging others without understanding them and can do long-term harm. It becomes so prevalent at times that individuals are numb to the fact that they are even conducting this type of conversation. Staff behavior may also reflect how you are as a leader and/or business owner. It also affects the success of your business. There is no room in the wellness/spa industry to belittle others.”
Alexandra J. Zani, licensed educator at AEsthani - Education Pathways for Esthetic Professionals

“When someone comes to talk to me about an issue they’re having with a coworker, I ask ‘Have you spoken to them about it?’ If they say no, I tell them to go talk to them about it and resolve it. The more people they tell, the more distorted the story gets, and more drama occurs between people.”
Jasmine Itzhakian, marketing manager at Rozgé Cosmeceutical

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