How do you avoid missing a deadline?

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“I have an online calendar that is synced to my iPad. Whenever I put appointments, events, or billing information in my calendar, I always ask the system to send me a reminder one month and two weeks ahead, and finally, the same day. This way, I am assured that things are not falling through the cracks.”
Margaret LaPierre, licensed master aesthetician at Skin Therapy of Virginia

“I avoiding missing deadlines the old school way. I have a huge “Year at a Glance” wall calendar right by my desk. I am an extremely technology-savvy person, but sometimes there is just no substitute for seeing everything laid out in front of you, in writing, every time you look up.”
Melissa Pfaffenbichler, director of operations at Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions

“My mother always told me, ‘When you fail to plan, you plan to fail!’ I try to put everything in my calendar with reminders a day in advance, as well as an hour in advance. I usually tell myself the project needs to be done two days before it actually has to be complete just to give me a cushion. For larger projects, I will make a timeline as to when different facets of the project need to be complete. If possible, I delegate parts of the job to individuals I can count on, but I still make notes to follow up with them as well. You can never be too prepared!”
Pamela Campbell, owner and aesthetician at Marco Island Skin and Body Boutique

“I avoid missing deadlines by putting sticky notes all over my apartment and office as soon as I know that something will be due. That way, I am literally looking at the deadline all day and I have no excuses for missing something important.”
Kate McGowen, head aesthetician at Touching Changes Spa

“I am a chronic list maker! I start a new list first thing every morning, adding to it anything left from the day before. It makes me feel very accomplished when I remember deadlines for bills, inventory purchases, and phone calls. I also mark the date on my wall calendar and, of course, in my client appointment calendar.”
Paulette Banoza, owner and aesthetician at Paulette’s Skin Care Salon

“As a student, I avoid missing deadlines by reviewing my assignments for the week every Sunday. I like to sit down and write out the dates for that week in a spiral. I then pull out my syllabus for each class and write down all the assignments or reading I need to get done by plugging them into a day of the week. That way, I can spread out my assignments and not get overwhelmed on any particular day. Every day after work, I just pull out my spiral and know exactly what needs to be done or read by the end of that day.”
Candace Root, licensed aesthetician at Silky Smooth Day Spa and Salon

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