Do you have any tips when it comes to naming your business?

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“First, read Seth Godin’s book, Purple Cow. Once you have established what your niche market will be, you can choose a name that easily identities what you offer. Just try to remember that the name of your business should effortlessly indicate which service you provide.”
Linda Ruberto, owner and brow boss at Star Brows

“One of the most important tips for naming your own business is to make sure that the name can be trademarked. Trademarks are really significant, especially if you already know that you want to build your business into something national. It is also really easy to check as there are a number of website that let you quickly search a database.”
Colleen Hovas, owner of SkiNpy Waxing

“Regardless of how clever the business name is that you have conjured up, you should first see if that name will fit into a URL because we live in an Internet world. Also, the best real estate on the Internet is ‘.com’, despite all of the other extensions now available. Remember, you want to build a brand for your business, therefore, you need to follow up on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. Your business name should also include something that clearly defines your business. may be available, but it does not define you like Tell your potential new customers the basic information they need to seek out more.”
Nelson Thibodeaux, president of Texas Biostetic Instruments

“When naming your business, if you decide to go with an exotic name, please make sure you understand the interpretation of the name. Also, make sure that the business name is pronounceable and that the spelling is correct.”
Mira Patterson, program director at Eastern Virginia Career College

“When naming a business, I find it helpful to do a Google search of the name you are considering, that you way can find out if there are any other companies out there with a similar name. This is really important, especially if another company is more likely to get the traffic than yours, if someone else googles your company name.”
Ausley Pachecco, owner of Pausie Derm

“Pretend that the business you are going to name is not yours! Try to imagine that you are driving by a place of business with the name that you choose. Does that name catch your attention? Do you know what the business is based on the name? Will you remember that name later? Those are the key points that you want to use when naming your business.”
Michelle Brenner, owner of Aesthetic Science Institute

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