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Advance Esthetic is a developed, international company with over 10 years of experience under the same ownership as several of our other renowned beauty companies in Europe.

“Our philosophy is to sustain strong, lasting relationship with our customers by helping them grow their businesses. We all succeed in this business when we bring communities together by connecting colleagues and empowering everyone
in Skin Care field.”
Olha Maikina,
Lead Aesthetician

In Europe, we developed a unique perspective the industry and how to be successful in it by providing the best products and services. Now we would like to expand that legacy here.

Our products are specifically tailored to your needs, easy to operate, and stand for the highest quality. We are always looking for the newest technologies to make enhancing skin care easier and more effective.

We are also a direct importer of a huge variety of products, making them more affordable. We care about your success, we only focus caring practical and functional equipment.

Our customers are the most valued aspects of our work, and their full satisfaction with our products and services is our primary goal.

Our large showroom, located in South Florida, has hosted aestheticians nationwide for supplementary training on how to operate our equipment. Training support is available via Facetime, social media, Skype, and USBs (included with purchase). At Advance Esthetic, we are committed to providing you with one-on-one customer service. Using the newest compatible technology, we make ourselves available with the highest level of service to ensure you are always happy and confident. More than anything, we take pride in offering great support through our highly skilled consultants and aestheticians.

We are not only focused on selling our equipment; we are also dedicated to helping you grow your business by educating you on how to promote and expand your services via social media, posters, and brochures.

As we continue to grow and expand our product categories, our goal is to add new skin care products, larger selections of furniture, and any other items aestheticians or cosmetologists may need in their businesses, and to do it easily and affordably with lifetime client support.

Our clients allow us to succeed in our work and improve the beauty industry – one product at a time. Our promise to you is that you will always be able to attest to our reliability, affordability, and one-on-one, easy to reach help.

We appreciate any feedback and new ideas from our customers, because we are in service to you, and will always listen to improve.

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