Skin Cancer Foundation Partners with Miiskin to Promote Self-Skin Exams

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This Skin Cancer Awareness Month, Miiskin, a digital health platform who works in support of The Skin Cancer Foundation, is reminding people of an essential step in skin self-examinations that may save lives: remember to look for new lesions on the skin, in addition to watching for changes to existing moles.

The 80/20 reminder of self-exams reminds people that about 70-80 percent of melanomas arise on seemingly normal skin, while 20-30 percent of melanomas are found to develop in existing moles, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation. The first “See” from the Skin Cancer Foundation’s “The Big See” public health campaign, aligns on the message that identifying new moles is a potentially life-saving step in skin self-exams, and should be performed in addition to tracking changes to existing moles and spots that become unusual for a period of time.

The Skin Cancer Foundation is supporting Miiskin to provide a helpful tool for tracking skin changes. The Miiskin app, used by 500,000 people around the world, allows users to digitally track the appearance of skin and moles for early detection of skin changes, including the appearance of new moles and changes to existing moles. It is the first AI-powered, skin health app to offer individual mole and wider-body skin mapping, based on the science of mole mapping methods used by dermatologists. Side-by-side photo comparisons, reminders for routine checking, and other tools empower users to identify concerns to bring to their doctor. It does not evaluate the risk level or diagnose skin cancer.

To further empower people to perform comprehensive self- exams on a regular basis, Miiskin is offering the premium app subscription to users free for three months. This 3-month free trial is available by visiting

For more information on how to consider the 80/20 reminder when performing skin self-exams, read Miiskin’s Self-Exam Guide.

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