Color Matching 101

There are thousands, if not millions of complexion shades throughout the world. With so many skin tones to accommodate, how to cosmetic brands develop their range of foundation color choices?  Better yet, how do you choose the right foundation shade for yourself or the client?  Foundation formulas are fully customizable and can be altered using simple techniques to match anyone’s skin tone perfectly.  Knowing what to look for and how to swatch foundations will make or break a makeup application and help you to choose (or create) the exact color you need.


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Amanda Azar 2019



Amanda Azar Walsh is a professional makeup artist, medical aesthetician, and body wrapper based in South Florida. She is the founder and executive artist of Azar Beauty, lead artist for NewsmaxTV, Pelican Grand’s Pure Spa, and Studio 1 Talent Specialists. Walsh has a degree in business management from Florida Atlantic University, diplomas in fashion makeup from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry, and Paramedical Aesthetics from Southeastern College. She is a dual-licensed aesthetician, and holds over 40 certifications. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Businesswomen, National Aesthetic Spa Network, Look Good Feel Better, and a RAW Artist alumni.

Photo-Dynamic Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation

Topical photodynamic therapy, also known as PDT, is a treatment that has been used in dermatology for about 30 years. Photodynamic therapy is a treatment that utilizes a topical product to photo-sensitize specific areas of the skin to enhance the effects of light therapy. The treatment is most commonly used in dermatology for actinic keratosis and non-melanoma skin cancers for which it is FDA-approved. Dermatologists have evaluated its off-label use for the treatment of acne vulgaris, rosacea, sebaceous hyperplasia, and hidradenitis suppurativa. During research into the use of photodynamic therapy in the treatment of facial actinic keratosis, researchers noticed marked improvements in visible signs of aging such as fine lines, dyspigmentation, and texture. There is now a cosmetic form of photodynamic therapy available to aestheticians that improves the overall appearance of the skin. Cosmetic photodynamic therapy improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, pore size, skin laxity, texture, and tone.


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Terri Wojak 2019




Terri Wojak is a highly sought-after professional with over 20 years of experience in the aesthetic industry. Wojak is the education director of GlycoAla and runs her own education company, Aesthetics Exposed Education. She is a respected authority on skin care in a medical setting, education, and business development on multiple levels. Wojak has built 50 individual courses based on skin care in a medical setting. More than 100 articles by Wojak have appeared in a multitude of industry magazines and she has published two books, “Aesthetics Exposed: Mastering Skin Care in a Medical Setting & Beyond,” in May 2014, and “Mastering Medical Esthetics,” debuted in 2009. Wojak has trained over 5,000 aestheticians and medical professionals on the importance of incorporating skin care into cosmetic medicine, ultimately helping patients and medical providers alike.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women go through the process of aging and childbirth, they may experience changes in their genitalia. The most common changes that can impact a woman’s quality of life are vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, loss of vaginal lubrication, loss of tone of labia majora, stretching of labia minora, and a decrease in sensation. Although surgical vaginal tightening procedures are not new, historically they have been performed for repairs after obstetrical delivery, rather than for sexual or aesthetic concerns. The number of aesthetic treatments, as well as corrective surgical procedures, are on the rise and these treatments are now becoming more and more common. As women become more comfortable discussing these issues with their physicians, the number of treatments available is increasing.


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Dasha Saian





Dasha Saian Marchese is the co-founder and CEO of Saian Skincare and has over 18 years of experience in the spa industry. In addition to her business/marketing degree, she is a licensed aesthetician, certified nutrition and wellness consultant, official ambassador of the Aesthetics International Association (AIA), and certified family herbalist. Marchese gives lectures and classes internationally and regularly contributes to global trade publications.

BiON Skincare COVID-10 News

BiON Skincare was honored to donate two of our top moisturizing products to healthcare workers at United Hospital in Minneapolis, MN.  We were sent an email from a nurse who wears a mask and face shield during her 12-hour shifts and experienced skin sloughing and damage.  She was given BION’s Pure Hydration by a friend to try to repair her skin.  She wrote, " I was amazed that the very next time I worked and washed my face, my skin felt great without any sloughing! I am a new fan and appreciate that there is a product that can help."  BiON Skincare decided to donate Pure Hydration and Oil-Free Moisturizer to the healthcare workers as a thank you for their sacrifices and work on the front line fighting the Coronavirus.


We are F-A-M-L-Y: How to Work with Family in Your Practice

Working with family members poses a unique challenge to any business. While it can be stressful, we know firsthand how productive and rewarding working with family can be. We know this firsthand as Jay and Mara are a father-daughter duo and partners in Shorr Solutions, a national practice management consulting company, and Robert has worked with his mother, the medical director of RenovoMD in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, as well as his brother, in the management of the practice.


One thing is for certain, working with family has the potential to both expose underlying issues in your personal relationships and bring out the best in you and your team. This unique challenge comes with bringing on a team member you already know so much about. Both positive and negative, you share a wealth of experiences with this individual, and often personal feelings will cross over into your business relationship. At times you may find yourself being overly lax or even hypercritical of this relative. It is important to set boundaries and clear expectations to make sure the work relationship stays productive and the personal relationship remains on good terms. Keeping communication open and honest, clearly defining expectations, and maintaining a good work and life balance goes a long way in ensuring a productive work environment.



Working with team members, in general, can be stressful, but working with the family poses a unique challenge. Communication is key and business relationships can be strained and fall apart quickly if everyone is not clear in their role. Miscommunication leads to misunderstandings which leads to conflict within the company. Make sure the company’s goals and individual responsibilities are clearly defined. Discuss what the company wants to achieve and outline the roles everyone must play in order to make that happen. Most importantly, make sure the company’s mission and goals and those of the individual are aligned. Having a good understanding of this helps everyone work more effectively.



Organization charts establish a hierarchy and boundaries in the practice. Having a formal organization chart will also help maximize efficiency. Businesses,  especially family businesses, do not run smoothly when everyone is stepping on each other’s toes. Discuss and outline how company decisions will be made and who is allowed to make them. Make sure that it is known whether or not one person has the final say. The nature of your business and the relationship between the team members will assist you in making these decisions, and having this structure in place will keep the entire office on task and efficient.  For example, one person may have a final say when it comes to marketing, while another may have a final say when it comes to expenses.



Make sure each staff member, related or not, has a role clearly defined with a job description. Not only will a job description outline who does what, but it will also outline what is expected. Responsibilities need to be completely and clearly described, so focus can be directed where appropriate. Often times with a family business, formalities tend to fall by the wayside, but when this happen, one person will inevitably feel they’re being taken advantage of or doing more than their fair share. It is important that these are written out and reviewed together to help each staff member stay on task. Another thing to keep in mind when writing a job description, make sure details such as salary and benefits are clearly outlined, although these should not be made public to the rest of the staff. Having this in advance and in writing will eliminate the threat of disputes later.

It is vitally important that all negotiations and contracts are collected in writing. When working with family, companies have a tendency to operate under informal agreements. Should issues arise, they are left in a precarious situation with nothing to refer back to. Having formal documentation prevents any miscommunication and gives the company something to fall back on. This goes for business agreements between the practice, medical spa and spa, and each employee relationship, as well as if you’re using other family businesses as vendors. For example, if a family member owns a floral company, laundry service, or cleaning company, all agreements should be put into writing, even if services are done in trade. It’s important to note that this should occur no matter what, but again, we find formalities tend to drop off with family members.



As family, there may be some crossover between work life and home life, but it is important to maintain a professional tone at all times within the workplace. While you may already have an existing relationship with coworkers, it is important to maintain those boundaries. Be mindful of the difference between work issues and home issues. Remember that there are different approaches to an issue as a family member versus a coworker. If possible, try to leave work discussions for the office and personal conversations at home.  We always say that family relationships always come first – we’ll always love our family, even if we sometimes don’t agree with them as co-workers, bosses, or partners.


When working with family, it may be difficult to draw a line between where work ends and where your personal life begins. Because these things are so intertwined, the day-to-day demands of the office may put a strain on your home life. As a coworker, your family must respect your time away from the office as much as they respect your ability to be a productive team member during office hours.



Fostering trust between members of the family and all members of the business are vital. It should go without saying to always work with integrity and back up your words with actions. Because it is a family business it does not entitle certain people to take certain liberties and this must be made clear from the start. As a family member, there is a large target painted on your back and your daily performance will be under increased scrutiny. Show co-workers you are dedicated to the company and can perform at a high level. Remove all doubt that you are in your position because you are the best person for the job and that your hiring was not based on nepotism. Fostering strong relationships with non-related coworkers is as important as maintaining familial relationships.



Encourage co-workers and give them the praise they deserve. Be attentive to their needs. Many times, they may feel like a family member is pushing them out. Remind, and more importantly show, fellow staff member that everyone is a valued member of the team, regardless of who they are related to. Respecting the feelings of your co-workers will thought not completed?


In any family business, it is extremely important to not let personal feelings come into the workplace. Maintaining a professional atmosphere is a priority.  You can’t let work place drama come home with you and vice versa. Be open and honest about your thoughts and address any issues that may arise up front. Letting issues sit and fester may lead to an explosion later on that may damage your relationship. You already know your family co-workers. You understand what makes them tick and (especially in the case of siblings) what buttons to push in order to annoy them. This insight might make it difficult to be rational with your thought and feelings. Don’t let emotions get in the way of your professional relationship. Disagreements will happen, but you don’t want them to affect your business or your relationship. Your behaviors and attitudes also have an impact on other co-workers, so pay attention to how any dispute would affect them. Save the heated personal discussions for outside of business hours. It is important to remember that you are co-workers during operating hours, but you’re family forever.



Jay Shorr




Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-XIV is the founder and managing partner of Shorr Solutions, a Florida-based medical practice consulting firm assisting practices with their operational, administrative, and financial health. He served as the vice president of operations and practice administrator for a leading board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon and held partnerships in two leading South Florida plastic surgery centers. Shorr has served as a professional motivational speaker for nearly a dozen industry organizations. He is a certified medical business manager (CMBM) from Florida Atlantic University, a certified aesthetic consultant (Levels I-XIV) at The Aesthetic Show and The Aesthetic Academy, and a member of The Aesthetic Show’s 2019 Scientific Advisory Board.



Mara Shorr edited




Mara Shorr, BS, CAC II-XIV, is a partner and vice president of marketing and business development for Shorr Solutions, bringing more than a decade of marketing and communications experience to Shorr Solutions’ clients. She is a Level II through XIV certified aesthetic consultant utilizing knowledge and skills from her previous positions in marketing for two separate leading dermatology, cosmetic, and plastic surgery practices located in South Florida. Focusing on both internal and client strategies in traditional and new media, she is a public speaker and has written for a number of industry publications.

Webinar: Pigmentation: Disorders, Causes, and Treatments

Pigmentation: Disorders, Causes, and Treatments

Hyperpigmentation is a complicated condition faced by many skin care professionals and consumers alike. This presentation will explore the mechanisms of melanin formation and melanocyte function, as well as associated states of hypo and hyperpigmentation. Learn why the enzymes tyrosinase, phenylalanine oxidase, and newly discovered lightening mechanisms such as melanosome transfer (MIT) and melanin stimulating hormones (MSH) inhibitors are key components in melanin formation.


Michael Q. Pugliese, BS, LE is an informed educator, writer, and asset to the skin care industry and the third-generation CEO of Circadia by Dr. Pugliese in 2006. His dedication and leadership to the brand has grown to achieve international recognition and distribution worldwide. This global expansion has created a skin care regimen for every skin type in the world. Pugliese’s compelling lectures honors the tenets of modern skin science discovered originally by his grandfather.  By following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he has been driven to deliver a clear message on skin care to all his clients and fellow educators in the industry. In addition to the success in the skin care line, Circadia also has the first physician formulated pillowcase. This is formulated to work in harmony with the body’s natural circadian rhythms which protect from environmental damage, while focusing on skin repair during evenings rest.




Virox Technologies Inc earns LEED Gold Certification

In 2012, Virox was the first chemical manufacturer in Canada to earn LEED Silver certification.  Virox Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and working tirelessly to meet demands for patented disinfectants, that they have achieved LEED Gold certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) for our 65,958 square foot headquarters, which includes the company’s corporate offices, research and development laboratory, manufacturing, and warehousing facility. 


Virox’s sole focus is engineering revolutionary disinfectants in the war against pathogens. Their patented formulations are not a mere alternative to current disinfectants, but game-changing technology platforms with demonstrable superiority over legacy disinfectant chemistries. Virox is dedicated to the development (innovate), optimization (formulate), adoption (educate), and acceptance (validate) of a fundamentally new approach to disinfection that has been reviewed and endorsed by third party authorities, the scientific community, official regulatory bodies and key opinion leaders in a broad range of industries. Those industries include human and animal health markets around the globe in over 70 countries. 


 To help upgrade their LEED certification, Virox hired an external consulting team. Developed by USGBC, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized green building certification system that provides third-party verification that a building was designed and built using strategies aimed at improving performance in key environmental areas. 


 When asked why chemical manufacture would want to undertake such a challenge, Randy Pilon, President and CEO stated, ”It is the right thing to do. I challenged the team to achieve LEED certification and through the process, we created a company that has completely changed its culture and embraced the challenge of being the greenest of the green with such a passion that we achieved LEED Gold status. It seemed only fitting that if we develop and manufacture certified green products we should do so in a certified green building.”


Upcoming Webinar! The Mechanics of Male Intimate Sugaring

The Mechanics of Male Intimate Sugaring
July 27, 2020 at 11:00 A.M. CST (12:00 P.M. EST / 9:00 A.M. PST)

Come watch the Sugar Queen and global authority on body sugaring hair removal, Lina Kennedy, perform a live demonstration of a male intimate service. Learn how to properly remove hair from male clients in their most sensitive areas. This demonstration will cover intimate sugaring, including the complete male genital area, inner cheeks, and anus.

In this webinar, you will learn how to provide your male clients with the most comfortable service possible, including learning how to properly hold the skin, professionally asking a client to stretch for hair removal accuracy, and comfortability. This webinar will also examine how to prevent unnecessary discomfort and bruising, as well as how to avoid hair breakage that leads to ingrown hairs.


As the founder and president of Alexandria Professional, the global authority in body sugaring hair removal, Lina Kennedy has spent the last three decades immersed in the beauty business. She is an entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, and recognized beauty industry innovator, having developed and pioneered a proprietary sugaring process for the removal of unwanted hair. Alexandria Professional is taught in beauty schools worldwide and has distributions in over 30 countries. Lina Kennedy’s critically acclaimed autobiography, “The Sugar Queen”, is described as “a must-read story of courage and determination” that chronicles her life from small town upbringing to multi-million-dollar empire.