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25th Anniversary of ABCDEs

25th Anniversary of ABCDEs

One American dies every hour from melanoma, the deadliest of the major forms of skin cancer. If detected early, melanoma can be successfully treated. “NYU Langone Medical Center is proud to have created a system which successfully diagnoses melanoma and save lives,” said Seth J. Orlow M.D. Ph.D., chairman, The Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology and director on Center of Excellence in Cancers of the Skin at NYU Langone Medical Center. “The impact of the ABCDEs has been profound, creating a simple and quick guide for anyone to examine themselves. Few would argue that countless lives have been saved by the development and awareness of the ABCDEs - helping detect the most dangerous form of skin cancer while still curable with simple removal before the cancer has spread.”
The ABCDEs for melanoma detection are:

A – is for Asymmetry where one half of the mole is unlike the other.
B – is for Border where the mole is irregular, scalloped, or poorly defined.
C – is for Color which varies from one area to another or has different shades of tan, brown, black, and sometimes white, red, or blue.
D – is for Diameter of a mole when it is bigger than the size of a pencil eraser.
E – is for Evolving or changing in size, shape, or color.

In 1985, Alfred Kopf M.D., then a professor of Dermatology and now professor emeritus, along with former NYU fellows Robert Friedman, M.D. and Darrell Rigel, M.D., both current NYU faculty created the original ABCDs guide: “Early Detection of Malignant Melanoma: The Role of Physician Examination and Self-Examination of the Skin” which was published in the CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Nearly 20 years later, David Polsky M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of Dermatology, director of the NYU Pigmented Lesion Clinic, along with Kopf, Friedman, Rigel, and others, added the “E” to the ABCDs which was later published in an article entitled “Early Diagnosis of Cutaneous Melanoma: Revisiting the ABCD Criteria” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, updating the acronym to ABCDEs.
According to experts, minimizing your risk for skin cancer and melanoma is critical. “Performing regular skin self-examinations, using the ABCDEs guide to check for warning signs of skin cancer, especially melanoma, is an important and easy way to detect suspicious moles that could be cancerous.” says Jennifer Stein, M.D., Ph.D., associate director of the Pigmented Lesion Section at NYU Langone Medical Center.

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Care for our Planet

Care for our Planet

Earth Day is still observed each year on April 22 by more than 500 million people in 175 countries. In fact, Earth Day has now evolved into a worldwide, year-long campaign to protect our global environment.
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Essential Sculpting Treatment by The Phytomer Group

Essential Sculpting Treatment by The Phytomer Group

Phytomer introduces a revolutionary contouring treatment with exceptional, visible results. Our new patented self-heating clay, targeted serums, and cellulite massage combine to help trim and sculpt your body in just five treatments.
Spa guests are attracted to this new treatment series because they only need to come in for five services, when most series require eight to 10 treatments. Clinical test results* back the results of this series.

Step 1:
First, the new self-heating Thermo Reducing Clay is applied from the knees to the waist for a contouring wrap. The mud activates the oxydoreduction process in the fatty tissues so that water retention and stored fats can be easily eliminated. This clay has a 20 year patent on its high performance oxydoreduction system – meaning its ability to activate and maximize the fat burning process. Some people have an imbalance between fat storing and fat burning – they store it easily and have a difficult time burning it. This mud helps regulate the imbalance.

Step 2:
After the wrap, our new Contouring Concentrate is used to perform a contouring massage over all problem zones. This unique massage gel is enriched with key ingredients that promote contouring in the most stubborn areas. The technology used to create this coconut oil-based massage balm allows the skin to absorb a high amount of potent slimming ingredients.

Step 3:
To customize the massage for a slimmer abdomen, our new Reshaping Serum is mixed with the Contouring Concentrate for the abdominal massage. It contains ingredients that work specifically on the type of fat cells located in the abdomen and waistline.

Step 4:
To customize the massage for the gluteus and legs, Firming Spray is misted on at the end of the leg, hip, and gluteus massage to firm, cool, and drain the legs.

*As always individual results may vary based on physiology and compliance with treatment series, amongst other reasons. Clinical tests were conducted by an independent laboratory, women between the ages of 35 and 55 were measured and analyzed by dermatologists throughout the treatment program. The program consisted of two in-spa treatments per week over the course of two and a half weeks, with the application of a home care contouring moisturizer two times per day. Up to three centimeters lost around the waist. After one treatment: 92 percent of women agreed with the statement, “my skin is firmer.” And 87 percent of women agreed with the statement, “my cellulite is less visible.” After an intensive course of five treatments: 78 percent of women agreed with the statements, “my abdomen is firmed” and “my thighs are less flabby.”

For more information about this treatment, contact Phytomer™ at 800-227-8051.
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Skin Perfection Peel by DermaQuest™

Skin Perfection Peel by DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy-change

Step 1: Cleanse
Remove makeup, dirt, and impurities while papaya and pineapple extracts gently exfoliate using Daily Enzyme Cleanser, which is suitable for sensitive to normal skin types. Emulsify cleanser with lukewarm water and gently massage onto the skin for one to two minutes. If client is wearing eye makeup, remove using DermaMinerals™ Eye Makeup Remover.

Step 2: Cleanse
The second cleanse will remove debris and oil from the skin’s surface and follicles as well as prepare the skin for the chemical peel. Apply Beta Hydroxy Cleanser [2%] to the skin and massage in for approximately three to four minutes. Beta Hydroxy Cleanser [2%] is a creamy cleanser that works well for a facial massage. *Because you cannot apply any moisture after the Skin Perfection Peel for at least five hours, your facial massage should be done now. It is not necessary to emulsify the cleanser with water. It is normal for the client to experience a tingling sensation with this cleanser. So, please inform the client of this when applying the Beta Hydroxy Cleanser [2%].

Step 3: Degrease
Using gloves, prepare the skin with DermaPrime Solution by applying the solution to a gauze pad. Wipe the face with the gauze pad beginning with the forehead, followed by the cheeks and nose (working down and around the face). Avoid the eye areas, ears, and lips. Allow the application to dry for two minutes.

Step 4: Protect
Using a cotton swab, apply Post Skin Resurfacing Balm to the border of the lips, eyebrows, and corners of the nose. This will help prevent the peel from absorption and excessive peeling in those areas. It is also necessary to protect any of these areas if the client has permanent makeup.



Step 5: Chemical exfoliation
Saturate a gauze pad with TCA 7/2 and apply to the face, beginning with the forehead, followed by the cheeks, working down and around the face. It is important that the application be as even as possible. Saturate the gauze pad again if needed halfway through the first pass. Wait five minutes in between passes to allow the chemical to penetrate and watch for frosting. Start at the chin and work your way back around to the forehead in the opposite direction for your second pass. Repeat a third pass on the entire face if the client has not frosted, or on the areas of the client’s face that have not frosted yet. A hand-held fan should be available for the client to hold during the procedure.

Step 6: Brighten
Saturate a gauze pad with Super Pigment Solution [10% azelaic acid, 3% kojic acid]. Apply one pass evenly on the entire face. This will help even out skin tone and brighten the overall complexion.



Step 7: Retinol
Saturate a gauze pad with Retinol Serum [4%]. Apply one pass evenly on the entire face. This will ensure an even peel and also aid in evening out skin tone and texture, as well as aid in the healing process.



Step 8: SPF
Apply On-The-Go Finishing Powder for broad spectrum physical SPF 30 protection with cotton balls or a sanitized kabuki brush. Please make sure to go over Post Peel Instruction sheet with the client.

For more information about this peel, contact DermaQuest™ at 800-213-8100.
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Great Anti-Aging Treatments

The advances in technology, science, and medicine have assisted in the increase of the average life expectancy rate… resulting in a higher number of 50-plus consumers. With the increase of this demographic, it is important to appreciate the impact they can have on your spas revenue. A notable factor to consider when dealing with clients that are over 50 is that the time they spend on their personal appearance takes on added importance in their life, focusing on reducing and/or slowing down the signs of aging by trying to recapture or sustain their youthful beauty. So focus on your 50-plus clients by targeting your efforts on developing treatment programs that are specifically focused on their skin care needs and goals. We have included several different anti-aging treatments from spas around the country to provide you with an idea of treatment menus that can help you accommodate this lucrative clientele.

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Danné Montague-King: A Legend in Aesthetics



The life and achievements of skin treatment pioneer Danné Montague-King, are not easy to summarize. Where to start, after more than 40 years of research and travel, pioneering a skin revision methodology that for the most part was decades ahead of its time, and then to only now have his achievements recognized in his native U.S.?
From Russia to Tibet, Europe to Australia and beyond, Danné Montague-King has sought out knowledge in pursuit of his dream to bring aesthetic medicine and beauty therapy together. Long before cosmeceutical and para-medical became marketing buzz words, and long before Heads of State and members of royalty became believers, Danné was committed to hands-on research and hard work – wherever it took him. When asked how he managed to sustain such an incredible journey, this enigmatic man with the Peter Pan grin simply shrugs. “I just got on with it – and I had a lot of help!”

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Spot On

It is that time again… time to cover sun care. What, you might ask, could possibly be said that is new and innovative on this topic? Truthfully, most of the information has all been written before. However, like a good book or a favorite movie every time you read it or watch it you pick up on something new. Maybe it’s a scene that you’ve overlooked all the times before, maybe it’s the subtleties of the emotions expressed, or maybe because of your accumulated experiences things that you read before take on a completely different meaning this time through.

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BIO CHOICE - Non-Needle Alternative to Botox™

Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice is a new, fast growing part of the aesthetic market. Unlike Botox™, Bio Choice is a non-needle formula with 35 percent hexapeptide that is placed over the wrinkled area of the face. It is absorbed further into the skin with the help of time-released strip patches saturated with hexapeptides.

Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice firms and tightens the skin, providing an instant cosmetic lift. With the presence of highly moisture-binding ingredients, lines smoothen out immediately, resulting in the appearance of virtually pore-less and lifted skin.

Step 1: Cleanse the face with Bio Jouvance Paris Rejuvenating Foam Cleanser (REJ-600-P). Add 10 drops of Bio Jouvance Sargarome Essential Oil Blend (ESSO-930-P) to the water used for cleansing the face. Apply Bio Jouvance Paris Rejuvenating Rose Toner (REJ-605-P) on face, neck, and décolleté area; make sure skin is completely dry after application.

Step 2: For technical exfoliation, use Bio Jouvance Paris Gommage Sloughing Cream (EXF-875-P) for thicker skin, and Gentle Face & Body Polish (EXF-940-P) for thin, sensitive skin.



Step 3: For chemical exfoliation, mildly exfoliate the face using enzyme-activated Bio Jouvance Paris Octopeel Enzyme Peeling Masque (EXF-870-P). Mix one teaspoon of Octopeel with two teaspoons of distilled water to form a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to the face, neck, and décolleté area with a soft fan brush. Avoid the eye areas. If the Octopeel gets into the eyes, clean and wash with eyewash immediately. Apply steam for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on how congested the skin is) on the face, neck, and décolleté area. Remove the mask with sponges and lukewarm water several times until the skin is completely clean.

Note: If you wish to incorporate Europro Ultrasonic MicroDermabrasion (Euro-1501), Crystal MicroDermabrasion (Euro-1670), or Diamond Dermabrasion (Euro-1680) with your treatment, you should proceed at this time.

Step 4: Analyze the client’s face to detect the deepest wrinkles. Using the tip of the syringe, apply a generous amount of Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice Serum (BTL-890-P) on the wrinkles, covering all lines and wrinkles with the product. Using the tip of the syringe against the skin, massage the Bio Choice into the wrinkles and lines in circular and upward motion.
Note: It is safe to use Bio Choice Serum around the eyes and mouth, neck, and décolleté area.

Step 5: Moisten Bio Jouvance Bio Choice Strips (BTL-890-ST) by spraying it with Bio Jouvance Rejuvenating Rose Toner (REJ-605-P). Apply the Strips (time-release saturated in Bio Choice ingredients) over the areas where you applied the Bio Choice Serum. Use your fingertips and a little pressure to stabilize the strips.

Step 6: For added maximum moisture, take off the strips and apply the Bio Jouvance Paris Hydrogel Marine DNA (SPC-860-R) all over the face and massage it into the skin under eyelids and lips. Let it absorb.



Step 7: Complete the facial treatment by applying the Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice Cream (BTL-890-P2) all over the face, neck, and décolleté area.



Step 8: Apply Bio Jouvance Paris 4-in-1 Sunscreen SPF 30 (SPC-845-P) over the Bio Choice Cream, if treatment is done during daytime.

Note: Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice Treatment is most effective when it is offered in a series of six treatments. It can be offered as a booster treatment in a single application. Home Care products of Bio Choice Cream and Bio Choice Serum enhance salon treatment and make sure the effects last longer.

For more information or to view the video of Bio Jouvance Paris Signature Treatments,
visit www.biojouvance.com or call 800-272-1716.
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Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil provides essential nutrients for healthy skin including moisturizing Omega-3. Now that hemp foods are gaining accolades from nutrition experts and health-savvy people, companies are becoming more interested in other applications for hemp seed oil, such as its merits as a natural and organic cosmetic ingredient. They have found that products in which cosmetics companies currently use hemp seed oil as an ingredient include: bar and liquid soaps, shampoos, lip balms, salves, lotions, moisturizing creams, and massage oils.
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The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention designated the Friday before Memorial Day “Don’t Fry Day,” encouraging everyone to practice sun safety habits at the traditional start of the summer.
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