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Move Masks: Selling Retail Masks

Masks are an incredibly effective part of one’s skin care regimen. Perfect pre-date or post-party as emergency care and weekly as a treatment routine, masks rule the medicine cabinet. So why are they are collecting dust on your shelves? Moving your retail masks requires participation of the aesthetician, spa management, the brand, and believe it or not, the client. Reverse the cycle and increase sales by learning the 10 reasons why the product is not moving:

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Boost Your Income

Pursuing the right marketing strategies is critical to the financial success of your spa or salon. Given below are some current marketing strategies that can help to increase income and clientele in the body and skin care industries.

Use Effective Online Marketing Strategies
Today’s online marketing environment is becoming increasingly more sophisticated. When someone wants to get a listing of spas in a specific location the Internet is the place to go. Create a domain name that will make your spa appear on the Internet whenever someone uses a search engine.

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How Make-up Can Help Your Aesthetics Career

There's one thing every experienced aesthetician knows for sure - new clients don't come quickly or easily enough! What with all of the new day spas opening everywhere and beauty schools minting flocks of trained skin care professionals the wait for a large client following can be long and excruciating. Can't afford an expensive advertising campaign or the latest skin-firming device? Not a problem! You have a low-cost and time-proven opportunity available to you that can do much to shorten the client building process while increasing your career income in short order: Make-up services and product sales.

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Easy and Effective Cover-Up for All Skin Discolorations

All skin discolorations need to be addressed the same way. It's important not to camouflage, but to blend natural color into the discolored area. This applies to port wine stain birthmarks, rosacea (red pustular lesions), vitiligo (patches of unpigmented skin), bruising and any skin discoloration resulting from chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
When selecting product to place on these discolored areas, you need to use one that is user-friendly and highly pigmented and one that will not cause any skin irritation. When in doubt, I always recommend a quick and simple allergy test by applying different products. The inside area of the elbow or directly below and behind the ear are two areas which will give you accurate results.

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Look Like a Star

For a woman who on most evenings chauffeurs kids, pushes a grocery cart, cooks dinner, does laundry and helps with homework, being likened to a Hollywood star may seem a little ridiculous.
Selling a fantasy sparks many successful advertising campaigns. Purchase a specific product and a life of romance, excitement, and glamour awaits you. Spritzing on the right perfume could lead you to stepping into a limo, wearing diamonds, embraced by Mr. Knock-Down Gorgeous. Buy the right car and you will drive along the Pacific Coast Highway like a scene from a James Bond movie.

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Makeup Made Easy

Make-up is by far the leading draw into the skin care products and skin care services we have! If you don’t offer and/or promote make-up services, you are letting thousands of dollars walk out the door in not just retail sales, but increased service sales. You are telling them it’s OK to go buy somewhere else! Women buy make-up, this is a proven fact. If only just a lipstick or blush, they do buy. Possibly, for the ones who don’t wear make-up, it could be that no one ever showed them how to apply it to look natural. Where do they buy their make-up?

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Great Clients are Made, Not Born (Part 3 of 3)

And last but not least is the important consideration of your clients current skin care program. Directing your questions with respect to all of the products they are currently using will assist the aesthetician in finding areas of their existing skin care that may need to be addressed. I always encouraged my new customers to “bring their face in a bag” so I could review the products along with the ingredients. This snooping also uncovers how they use their products, how much, are they dipping their fingers in the jar, have the products been exposed, etc. Finding out how they care for their products means this would be time to instruct them how to use skin care properly.

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Depilatory Waxing "101"

Temporary hair removal was first noted historically in the Far East, where it has long been a part of traditional culture. Hair removal was performed on brides so that their skin would be pure, soft and smooth on their wedding night. Sugar was prepared according to the family tradition, with ingredients including sugar, honey, and lemon.

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Brow Trends... Is 'Thin' no Longer in?

After many years of 'thin-is-in' for the eyebrow, models and movie stars are showing a thicker, stronger brow for 2006. This year's brow is both highly angled and highly groomed, but sometimes appears casual with less of a defined arch. Not everyone can wear the latest thicker brow style, especially if their own brows are thinned because of hair removal, hair loss as a result of aging, or too few hairs for other reasons.

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In High Definition

An internal sense of well-being or “beauty” enables an individual to present a glowing self confidence in the world today. Surveys conducted by universities and economists have concluded and support that external beauty contributes greatly to personal and professional success.
I was very honored last year to be part of a “Beauty and Labor Marketing” survey, which had a demographic group of 7,000 respondents between 30-70 years old. From this survey, the economist concluded that people who are perceived as “very nice looking” earn about 10 to 25 percent more than those viewed as “average”. Their findings held true even when education and experience levels were comparable in the two groups. It was also found that attractive women increase their salaries at a much faster rate.

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