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Your Dream - Their Dollars

It’s always been your dream and you know now is the right time to make it happen. You have researched and planned and prepared and at this point there is only one thing standing between you and the doors of your spa – money. You envision a waiting list of clients, a talented and attentive staff, and because of your success you will be profitable early on and be able to pay back your loans early! You are sure that because your business and marketing plans are so well designed, you will have multiple lenders ready to offer you the money you need to launch your spa into business.

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Do You Have a Plan B?

At the onset of a design or re-design of your skin care facility you may want to assess or reassess your vulnerability to Mother Nature. It is a very real threat accompanied by the fear of loss of income, loss of wages, workplace disruptions, structural damage, and sometimes injuries and even death. What is a business owner to do? What is an employee to do? How do you plan for such disastrous scenarios?
Many spas and salons are caught off guard when destructive weather takes power lines down and damages their businesses to the point of not being able to work at all.

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Skin Safe, Sun Safe

Let’s get it right from the start, anyone, any skin type, any skin color is at risk for skin cancer. Indeed, nobody is safe from skin cancer. Skin type and skin color do not fully protect an individual from skin cancer. Skin safe, sun safe practices do protect and do help in skin cancer prevention.

Lynne Kurashima, Hawaii Licensed Aesthetician, says, “It’s a misconception that darker skin types think they’re fully protected.” This common myth continues today because of the belief that darker skin types have natural melanin protection from solar radiation exposure.

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Lighting the Way

What to Know before Purchasing an LED Device for your Spa
When it comes to anti-aging treatments, aestheticians today certainly have many choices. From lasers to peels to oxygen facials, spas can offer countless ways for their clients to combat the signs of aging. One popular new option is LED (light-emitting diode) therapy. This treatment involves exposing the skin to specific LED lights, which in turn can stimulate collagen production and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

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Alternatives to Acids

For many years, acids were the profit-producing darlings of the skin care industry and skin care professionals believed they were the answer to younger-looking and acne-prone skin. But now, with new products and services developing, the days of ‘always make’em peel’ are moving into the past and professionals are coming to believe acids should not be the only tool for anti-aging, but a tool-among-many. More and more are utilizing them in specifically indicated cases only and are finding other alternatives available to them. 

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Microdermabrasion Applications

Compared to a chemical peel, microdermabrasion offers the benefit of more precision and enhanced results, with no down time. Treatments are arranged as sessions generally as part of a four to eight visit strategy, with the goal of accelerating the regeneration of cells to the outer surface of the skin. This article will provide additional applications and describe alternative therapies, as well as delineate contraindications.

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Harmonius Balance

We grapple daily to stay on top of elements that threaten our health and well-being. The need for equilibrium is dire. The concept of a medi-spa is not mysterious in the least. Neither is it new. Indeed, it’s such a natural union of spa and corrective, aesthetic medicine that one wonders why the idea hasn’t hit center stage earlier. In these times, it’s easy to forget that a holistic approach to medicine and well-being has been a long time coming. For quite a while, medical practice has been, for want of a better word, largely conservative, with “alternative” approaches sidelined to the secondary.

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Co-Managing Clients

Some patient diseases – such as skin cancer or acne – are especially well-suited to co-management between a dermatologist and an aesthetician. The physician may see the patient, but typically it is for a shorter amount of time and the patient is usually referred to the aesthetician, who can educate the patient on medication use, make sure follow-up appointments are kept, and help the patient with the psychological aspect of the disease. Because aestheticians scrutinize the patient’s skin, they are also more likely than the nurse – or even the dermatologist – to notice and question potentially cancerous lesions.

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The Clients that Changed My Life

In a 16-year career as a licensed aesthetician, nothing made the experience more rewarding than the people I was privileged to serve. And, while some clients were more memorable than others (for every conceivable reason) a notable handful unintentionally left valuable, indelible lessons for which I’ve long been grateful. Those accidental teachers might never have been encountered in any other career—the cyclical visits or extended time together in safe seclusion—an uncommon characteristic of most working environments. We may meet and touch thousands of people during the full term of our professional lives so it would be a wonder that a few of them wouldn’t somehow alter the course of it slightly or substantially.

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Aesthetics and Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing or medicine is a term used to describe the modalities that influence the energy fields and centers of a person in order to bring about healing. Combined with aesthetics, the practice of advanced skin care, powerfully effective treatments designed to promote inner and outer (and therefore longer lasting) healing are very possible. The modalities of vibrational healing use a number of vehicles, including the five senses, flower essences, and vibrational frequencies. Light therapy, homeopathy, and flower essence remedies are examples. The principle of activity in all of these is that everything, even down to cells has a vibrational pattern that equals healthiness.

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