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Customized Peel Protocols

As we are all aware, the skin care business is booming! The portion of the skin care market that is especially hot is skin repair and rejuvenation. The baby boomers are aging and shelling out billions of dollars a year for services and products that help them restore, repair, and rejuvenate themselves to a more youthful appearance. Skin care is the fastest growing segment within the category of cosmetics today. People aged 50+ represent over one third of our population, Healing Arts Guide – MJL Associates.

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Scrubb a dub-dub... With One Lump or Two?

Don't be shy take the whole bowl! I think it's absolutely amazing that something like sugar can play such havoc on our health when ingested, yet when used externally it can be so wonderful in helping to create order in our outer most skin cells' appearance You might be thinking that "creating order" is somewhat of a peculiar way to describe skin, but in reality the skin's structure can certainly expose a less than orderly skin care regimen. I get so frustrated and very excited all in the same moment whenever I take a look at someone's skin and its most noticeable characteristics are patchy skin cells, sallow appearance, and worst of all ingrown hairs.

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Employee Training Dos and Don'ts

"I've trained them and trained them but they just do what they want!" laments a frustrated spa owner with a staff of 17. As her business coach I sit and patiently listen to her story, observing the tense body language of a woman that feels powerless to change a stubborn and under-performing team. Turnover is approaching almost 100 percent for the second time in two years while customer complaints have risen sharply. Burned by a train them and lose them history my client has become embittered by the prospect of having to invest more time and money into employee development, and she doesn't want to do it again.

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The Ultimate Training Manual

A good training manual is worth its weight in gold, or at least good old U.S. currency, since solid education is key to solid profits. A great training manual must be pure “take-away” for the readers—it’s all immediately applicable information, which will make your cash register buzz faster than the speed of sales.
The purpose of a training manual is to first set the standard for service, based upon the company vision, then to lay out in actionable steps how that standard may be achieved and surpassed daily for optimum team achievement.

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Cell Science: The Mighty Mitochondria

SKIN, the largest most complex immune organ of the body, is delicately assembled by millions of independent multifaceted spheres and existing inside these self-contained cells there lives settlements of compatible micro residents cohabiting together in water plasmic freedom. This complicated cellular quilt that protects every inch of the body, shielding against many types of bacterial and viral invaders, has also become the most sought after object of our affection for 21st Century beauty.

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Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Champissage or Head Massage?
Indian Champissage or head massage is a relaxing therapy involving the massage of the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, and face. It provides relief from aches, pains, and stress symptoms, promotes hair growth, and rejuvenates the skin. Above all, it provides a deep sense of calmness and tranquility. Indian Head Massage is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that is physically, mentally, and spiritually healing. The massage is safe and simple to learn and very effective to give.

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Why Customer Efforts Crash and Burn

If you have tried repeatedly to get a focus on customers, customer loyalty, and customer profitability inside your organization with less than stellar results, you’re far from alone. Most companies jump in without evaluating how the organization works together, whether the CEO is truly committed, and if the patience exists for the long road ahead. These are the key issues that usually get in the way of making progress. See if you recognize any of them in your organization.

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Customer Service Mistakes

In this month's column I want to offer simple corrections for what I consider to be some of the most routine but unrecognized customer service mistakes found in day spas. Whether the spa spends lavishly or neglectfully on customer service training I discover these costly oversights at virtually every one I call, consult to, or visit. The fact is that spa businesses lose their profit potential more through numerous small failures in building customer rapport and sales than to large management errors. Yet many spa owners and directors are simply too busy, overconfident, or unaware to recognize the steady losses generated by company policy and protocol.

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Stock Control

Every retailer dreams about inventory literally “flying off the shelves”, as the phrase goes. But unless the retailer doubles as a savvy air-traffic controller, carefully overseeing arrivals and departures of items each day, you may encounter turbulence over Milwaukee (or wherever your business is located)!
Effectively managing the flow of inventory from your manufacturer to your clients is one of the most essential aspects of ensuring the success of your business. Few things displease a loyal client more than learning that a favorite product is out of stock. Conversely, nothing deflates the buzz of shopping more than seeing dusty, shopworn merchandise on the shelf, which obviously isn’t moving—the result of over-ordering.

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Building Your Business

Building your successful spa and salon business all begins with one happy customer. And in order to build business through your satisfied client base, you must first focus on building loyalty. But how do you keep customers for life? And how do you go yet one step further and get your loyal customers working for you by referring new customers? Following are some practical tips to help you get you started:

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