The Connection Between Nutrition & Skin

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There is a saying that states, “You are what you eat.” The message is clear – there is a direct correlation between health and what is eaten. What people eat affects how they feel, look, and perform. Beautiful, healthy, and youthful skin begins with what is consumed. Nutrition and skin go together, and it is imperative that the aesthetician has a clear understanding of how the two relate.



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Ginamarie McGuire




Gina Marie McGuire has over 30 years of experience in the skin care industry and has been educating professionals and consumers for the majority of her career. She feels strongly that when treating skin from the health standpoint, one can achieve remarkable results. McGuire brings a wealth of information to the industry as she has extensive experience in retail, manufacturing, wholesaling, public speaking, educating, marketing, and skin therapy treatments. She is considered a leading expert in the skin care field and has a strong desire to share her wealth of knowledge in the advancement of the beauty industry. As a result of her leadership, McGuire was nominated for the 2019 Aestheticians’ Choice Award for Brand Educator and has been featured several times in professional skin magazines.

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