Body Wrapping Basics: Effects, Benefits, & At-Home Use

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When it comes to weight loss, the market offers innumerable methods that promise great results in just a couple of days. Starting from restrictive diets and ending with the fitness craze overtaking the world, people are searching for the most efficient ways to lose weight.

Body wraps are considered one of the most prominent means of weight loss. It is claimed that body wrapping will help clients lose those inches on their waist, tighten the skin, and make it smoother. But can it bring noticeable results?


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Rahsha Batiste


Rahsha Batiste is a licensed master aesthetician in Virginia, with over three years of experience in the body and skin care industry and 25 years of Corporate America Leadership. Batiste has gained extensive experience treating all different skin types. She has performed treatments ranging from acne facials to body contouring. She uses the most cutting-edge equipment available in the industry. She specializes in treating bodies non-surgically and preparing the body for other cosmetic procedure. Batiste also has extensive experience in the Cavitation procedure and body contouring treatments. Since graduating from the Institute of Epidermal of Cell Training in 2016, Batiste has developed her knowledge by working as a body contouring specialist for her business, Unique Skin and Beauty Bar.

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