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Herbal Aroma Bar

Did you know that Natural comes from Nature? Simple but true. In our constant quest to be bigger and better, we forget how easy it is to enhance our lives and business by using the beauty and bounty that surrounds us in nature. 
With the resurgence of all things Natural and the current trend to Go Green & Organic, using Mother Nature’s plants and flowers in an “Aroma Bar” is a natural addition to your business. Plus, it is affordable and simple to incorporate.

Clients arrive and get directed to the Aroma Bar consisting of jars filled with various herbs and flowers. Invite them to take a sensory excursion by opening each jar, one at a time, and breathing the individual aromas until they get a sense of each herb. Once they have done this, let them choose their favorites to include in an “Aroma Sachet” that will be used in their treatment. 
Have clients refer to the Aroma Bar chart (below) revealing the innate qualities of each herb to further guide them in their selection. The cost is a nominal $15 to 20 per person with the benefits far outweighing the costs. Read on for the Four Steps on how to create an Aroma Bar that doubles as a Tea Bar to provide a welcoming experience for your clients. 
Step one: Select a variety of fragrant herbs and flowers. Choose anywhere from five to eight total. The color of the herbs adds to the visual ambiance of your spa as do the glass jars you display them in.

Frame the following chart and use it as a sign to assist clients with their herb selection.
Sample our Aroma Bar
Mother Nature’s Little Helpers share their bounty with you at the Aroma Bar. Breathe in the scents of the various herbs to decide which ones you want to include in your “Aroma Sachet.” Select an organza bag and fill it with your favorite scents to use in your treatment.

Step two: Purchase the same number of jars needed for your Herbal selection. For example, if you choose four herbs and two flowers, purchase six jars. The size of your jar is dependant upon the number of clients you see daily and the amount of space you can give to the Aroma Bar. Include room for your “Sample Our Aroma Bar” sign, organza bags, and utensils to measure out the herbs.
Step three: Provide 3” x 4” drawstring organza bags in various colors. Let them choose their color and measure the amounts of each herb they want to include in their individual “Aroma Sachet.” They may use one herb or all of them, based on their preference. Use the sachet for deep breathing at the beginning of the treatment and let them take it home as a sensory souvenir.
Step four: Purchase a French press used for coffee and loose herbal teas. Place your herb selection in the bottom of the press and fill with hot water. Allow the tea to steep in the hot water for one to two minutes and then press down the filter and pour the tea. Use Agave Nectar as a sweetener (instead of sugar) for an added touch if desired. Use the herbs for the sensory aspects in Aroma Sachet’s and as a beverage steeping the herbs and flowers into hot water for tea.

Herbs and Flowers to Consider for Your Aroma Bar:
When deciding your herbs and flowers for your Aroma Bar, consider these popular picks: Rose petals in pink and red, Mint family herbs such as peppermint, spearmint, and lemon balm, chamomile, lavender, jasmine, sage, rosemary, rose hips, and red clover.
Remember that going green means getting back to nature. Each of Mother Nature’s Little Helpers has unique qualities that enhance your own energy and spirit. When you include this sensory addition, your clients will love it. Simple treats are often the best. Give them that ‘extra’ something to look forward to with each visit.

Author, aesthetician, Reiki master teacher, and award-winning beauty expert, Linda Bertaut specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface, and inspiring others to do the same. She is a contributing author in the Milady Advanced Esthetic textbook writing a chapter on “Alternative Therapies” for aestheticians. Using energy treatments and products for over 20 years she teaches from experience. Bertaut helps beauty professionals add value to their services by training them in her signature wellness techniques and all natural “EnergyCeutical” products. She has transitioned the hands-on healing art of Reiki into a contemporary new ‘must have’ service for women and men in leading spas and salons. 626-405-0424, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.bertautbeauty.com


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