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Acne Specialists Nashville

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Acne Specialists of Nashville is the second of two locations  the first being in Oakland, California. Founded in 2012 by Julie Pruitt, Acne Specialists has helped thousands of clients suffering from acne slowly regain control of their skin. Both Pruitt and her team of acne specialists have all struggled with acne first-hand and know exactly the emotional toll it can take when left unmanaged. Acne Specialists provide a compassionate environment for clients and empower them to make informed skincare choices. The spa focuses on educating and providing results-focused facials to speed up the skin-clearing process. At appointments, skin care professionals go through the cause of acne and its triggers and come up with a personalized skincare plan for each clientAcne specialists combine evidence-based methods with a holistic, comprehensive approach to help each client achieve their skin goals.

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The spa’s Acne Facial service is customized for each clients’ skin and concerns. After cleansing, a skin care professional starts with an enzyme mask to loosen up impactions within the pore. Post-enzyme, practitioners spend 10 to 15 minutes on extractions, making sure they get as many clogs out as possible. After extractions, a practitioner follows up with a cold roller to reduce swelling and high frequency to kill acne bacteria and calm the skin. An antibacterial mask or a light chemical peel is then chosen to focus on making sure pores remain empty and to help resolve hyperpigmentation. The end of each appointment is reserved for answering questions, reviewing homecare instructions, and making sure clients are on the right path to clear skin. We like to see our clients every two to three weeks until they reach maintenance mode. Over 90% of clients have clear skin within three months. An acne facial treatment lasts from 30 to 40 minutes and starts at $85. 


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