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Professional body sugaring continues to demonstrate how multi-beneficial it really is when the correct education is provided for technique and theory. And you should have an opportunity to learn even more once you are certified so that you fully comprehend the variety of treatments applications your salon/spa can offer with it… from hair removal treatment options to “skin conditioning treatments” which you guessed it –…
To ensure the 7.5 million Americans living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are fully and fairly treated—and to help patients develop more effective relationships with medical providers—the National Psoriasis Foundation created its Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for People with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. The bill aims to help patients get the care they need by outlining their responsibilities in the health care relationship, and…

New Age: No Time Like the Present

Written by Annet King, vice president of global education at Elmis
As Americans of the 21st century, we sometimes beat ourselves up for our youth-obsession. More traditional cultures, we remind ourselves, honor elders. We berate ourselves for being shallow and vain as we fret over the evidence of the passing years. But, really… even the Confucian sages of ancient China were full of praise for the “Yin” of very young women, commenting that this essential quality…
New Treatment from Syneron Medical LTD. Offers a Hydroguinone Alternative. With the advent of Botox and Dysport women have new peace of mind in the war against wrinkles. Today, there’s a new enemy in town… hyperpigmentation. Known as age spots, sunspots and ugly discoloration; hyperpigmentation has become the new wrinkle for many. Until recently, we fought hyperpigmentation with skin bleaching creams (often thinning the skin),…

Acne and African Skin

Written by Christine Heathman
What is Acne? Acne/ak’ne/ is an inflammatory, papulopustular skin eruption occurring usually in or near the sebaceous glands on the face, neck, shoulders, and upper back. Its actual cause is still unknown but involves bacterial breakdown of sebum into fatty acids, wax esters, triglycerides, and squalene, irritating the pore surrounding the subcutaneous tissue. To put the full potential of this activity into perspective, one square…

May 2022

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