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Extrinsic Aging: Avoiding the Preventable

Written by Cheryl Staurowsky
Everyone’s skin ages in its own unique way. Much of the inevitable part of facial aging is driven by a person’s DNA and is considered intrinsic. Fortunately, 85 percent of the visible signs of aging can be directly attributed to extrinsic causes that are preventable, and can often be corrected, even if the damage has already been done. Making informed decisions about sun exposure, diet,…

Male Friendly Spa

Written by Dr. Guy Lewis
Men are showing up at spas in far greater numbers than they used to. The International Spa Association in Lexington, Ky., states that 29 percent of spa goers are now men. Though the association did not start compiling the data until 2004, industry experts believe the number was probably in the range of 8 percent to 10 percent a decade ago. There has also been…
Most men are reasonably logical, simple, and benefit driven. Therefore, in a skin care product, they look for something with ease of use that feels good and produces results (benefits). Let me give you an example of an ideal product and description: category - after shave conditioner (not spoken of as moisturizer, by the way) - one that leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth,…

Male Ego: Creating a Man Spa

Written by Denise R. Fuller
We’ve all heard it before: “Men – You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.” In the spa industry, however, building a male clientele is a smart move that will lead to an increase in clients, services, and sales of retail products. The average national growth for spas offering men’s services is between 25 and 30 percent. Men are looking for better…
While clinicians and patients alike await the day when one topical ingredient arrives on the market that can produce cutaneous miracles, the likelihood of such a day arriving is a myth at best. Each person's skin is a complex combination of needs and challenges, making multiple ingredients and formulations necessary to achieve truly healthy skin. Rather than seeking out that one miracle product, well-rounded formulations…

June 2022

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