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Communication is an everyday occurrence in life. We constantly exchange messages, share data, and stay connected via social media and other rapidly evolving electronic means. We must have strong and flexible language skills to get our message across and ensure it is understood. We know many messages are exchanged across the layers of the skin and by using ingredients to increase our communication competency, we…

Menopause: Signs, Symptoms and More

Written by Michelle D’Allaird, L.E.
I think the worst part of writing this article was that I had the “slapped in the face” realization that “oh no, this is me!” Although I am not quite yet experiencing the physiological characteristics, my age is certainly applicable as is the horrific realization that yes, I am getting older!
Our skin changes in menopause just like during puberty (what fun huh?). In fact, the skin goes through normal, hormonal shifts every seven years, and clients should be ready to change up their skin care routine along with those shifts. Along with these changes, the expectation and pressure to feel and look beautiful can be overwhelming and cause the kind of stress that produces more…
Hyperpigmentation is a prevalent skin disorder that has multiple causes and can be challenging to treat. Many people suffer through years of unsuccessful attempts at eliminating the disorder and may be reluctant to professional treatment. Understanding the underlying causes and predisposed factors with hyperpigmentation will help assess each situation and help prevent the onset of the disorder in some cases. The initial consultation and health…
In everyday life our skin has to cope with a lot of wear and tear; it is in the process of constant self-renewal to replace the old with the new. It is the adult skin stem cells that are constantly at work for maintenance, renewal, and repair of the skin. As knowledge of skin stem cell function and biotechnology expands, the skin care industry has…

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