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We at Esprit Supply Inc. are an import/distributer company that specializes in professional esthetic products and medical equipment made in Korea. We personally select only the products/equipment that meet our uncompromising standards. We especially like the products/equipment fabricated in Korea because they are reliable, durable, and trouble -free. We do not believe in over charging our customers; but, we believe in providing quality service at a reasonable price. Our motto is Service and Results. The end customer must have positive results; otherwise, they will feel cheated. Cheap is not always cheaper. It must produce favorable results. When clients get positive results, they will happily bring their friends and relatives.

This is our philosophy: To provide real results to help grow the business and not cut costs by selling/utilizing inexpensive products or equipment that are not as effective or reliable. We can provide you with insights that can only come from years of testing and experience. Because we also have a medspa, we are able to extensively test a product and equipment. We know what works and what does not. We can help you set up a package plan for the clients. We can guide and assist you because we've done it already on our own.

On the clinical side, we really have not advertised because we don't want to compromise our service by becoming too busy. However, our best salespeople are our clients. We don't advertise; our clients do that for us. You can also check us out on our Yelp! site!


Esprit Supply

3407 W 6th St Ste 500
Los Angeles, California 90020
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