Intellective Aesthetics

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Our mission stems from the commitment that we have to uphold and preserve the quality and integrity of our industry.

This quality originates from the encompassing attributes of education and the effects of obtaining knowledge,communication, comprehension, and the ability to impart knowledge by raising consciousness through and with others.

It is a common doctrine that as esthetic professionals, the commitment to provide services ultimately impacts the lives of others. Our gesture of providing service represents a specificity to remain constant with integrity, conviction and an unwavering dedication to be and perform our best- for ourselves and for our public.

We uphold this belief in our approach to advanced education - the research we conduct, the curiculum we write, the way and manner in which we communicate this knowledge stems from a passion to learn, share knowledge and to contribute to the world around us.

Our level of instruction represents a method of teaching methodology of intellectual proportion - As well seasoned educators, we see this as a pathway of the future in our fast changing world of science and technology. The esthetic world will continue to place technology in front of us - it is ultimately our own will and determination to move forward - or to accept status quo, and what may result from such.

It is our commitment to raise the bar in advanced esthetic education a new threshold, by engaging knowledge and skills through science and research - encouraging the esthetician to become more progressive, adapt a critical thinking posture, and ultimately discover a new found appreciation for learning, training and their careers.

The creed of our industry must remain constant with quality and integrity in order for our industry to prosper for years to come and for the development of future visionaries and educators.

We invite and welcome you to accept the challenge - a challenge to learn new thoughts and become inspired!

With the Intellective Edge -

See you in class!

Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck NMD and Alexandra J. Zani