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Multiplying the Benefits: Multi-Acid Peels

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Chemical peels have been around since the ancient Egyptians applied sour milk (lactic acid) to their skin to enhance their appearance. With a long list of benefits, such as exfoliation, acne reduction, improved skin texture, and the reduction of hyperpigmentation and fine lines, chemical peels have become an increasingly popular treatment of choice because they offer a solution for a variety of clientele. Chemical peels are especially helpful for skin care professionals who are not able to perform microneedling or laser services but still want to focus on corrective skin treatments. With varying strengths to treat a range of clients, chemical peels allow you to make impactful changes in skin’s appearance. Because not all clients should be treated with the same level of peel, you will need to take note of any sensitivities that occur pre-treatment, and this will allow you to customize the service to the client’s desired results and lifestyle requirements.



Multi-acid peels are an especially popular choice because they take several different acids with varying benefits and combine them into one formulation, targeting multiple concerns with one solution. An example of a highly popular multi-acid peel is the modified Jessner’s. Made up of lactic, salicylic, and citric acid (and sometimes trichloroacetic and other alpha hydroxy acids), this medium- to deep-depth peel can help reduce the appearance of scarring, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles. This is an excellent choice for someone seeking to reduce acne scars and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or someone wanting to combat the signs of aging.

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Alex Hernandez has held several roles over the years with Face Reality Skincare and now serves as the lead educator for the brand. In her role, she oversees professional educational training material, protocols, and classes on a national level. She has been in the skin care industry for the last decade and has been a Certified Acne Expert since 2018. Hernandez has worked with hundreds of acne clients throughout her aesthetics career and is a daily witness to the impeccable results that can be achieved when clients partner with a licensed aesthetician.


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