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Deeper Shades of Skin

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Imagine a skin care professional performing a chemical peel on a client. They are going over post-peel instructions; the client leaves excited about their upcoming skin transformation. The spa schedules the next treatment appointment, and all is well in skin care land. Fast forward to a few days later, the peel provider is working on another client, when their phone begins to light up with notifications. They open their Instagram account and find that they have gone viral – for giving that chemical peel client third-degree burns! This scenario has happened countless times over the past couple of years, primarily on Fitzpatrick skin III to VI.  

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Victoria PrinceBeauty scientist, Chicago native, wife, and mother, Victoria “Tori” Prince is a highly sought-after licensed aesthetician, international educator, continuing education sponsor, and the creative founder and CEO of Tori Prince Beauty, LLC and the Chicago Skin Lab. As a self-care expert, Prince wholeheartedly believes in building self-esteem by prioritizing self-care in one’s everyday lifestyle. Her favorite service to perform is customized corrective skin care treatments because it allows her to personalize each service to her clients’ needs while practicing the art of aesthetic and cosmetic science. Tori Prince Beauty provides refined products and services that transform clients’ skin and wellness from the inside out while coaching industry experts to encourage proper understanding and representation of women of color within the beauty and skin care industry. 

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