Thursday, 12 May 2022 10:52

New Again

Written by   Julia Faller

Although clean skin care seems to have emerged in recent years, its earliest inception is not entirely new. There is written evidence of plant-based oils used in beautification spanning back 3,500 years in early Egypt. With this in mind, delving into the history is relevant to where it has evolved. To understand why people living a cleaner lifestyle demanded this evolution, it is necessary to acknowledge what skin needs to remain healthy and therefore youthful, in an everchanging industrialized world. How the new thinking paradigm gave people clean skin care is a reverse engineering of what was learned in the past. By looking to indigenous sources and people, it can be seen that every culture in time has utilized what has been accessible in their habitat to heal and regenerate skin.

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Julia FallerA licensed clinician and holistic aesthetician, Julia Faller is the founder and formulator of Benedetta, the first and only skin care line formulated with 100% botanical ingredients. Seeking raw materials from organic and biodynamic local and global family-owned farms set the precedent for Benedetta’s farm-sourced ethic. As an aesthetician in the mid-80s, Faller performed customized facial treatments using lipid plant and essential oils that were the catalyst to what would eventually become Benedetta. Faller utilizes only fresh botanicals and living, raw nutrients and rejects all harmful parabens, emulsifiers, preservatives, and even vitamin pharmaceuticals, then and now.

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