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Seeing the Light: LED Light Therapy & Hyperpigmentation

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The question of the best approach to treating hyperpigmentation is one of the most commonly asked questions in skin care today. Hyperpigmentation remains a tenacious and frustrating condition to successfully master even for the most seasoned skin care professional.

Melanin plays an essential role in preventing ultraviolet light-induced skin damage. Stimulation of the melanocytes results in the release of tyrosinase, an enzyme that converts tyrosine through chemical reactions to produce melanin. Melanin is then transported through the dendrites to the keratinocytes. Deposition of melanin is determined by whether these dendrites are epidermal or dermal. Hyperpigmentation results from an accelerated increase in production of melanin by the melanocytes.

There are multiple factors that increase the incidence of pigmentation including ultraviolet radiation, hormonal alterations, genetic predispositions, ethnicity, and inflammatory processes. There is increasingly more awareness of the negative impact of environmental pollution and its role in pigment. Constant exposure creates a low-grade inflammatory reaction in skin, leading to an increase in sensitive and reactive skin, pigmented lesions, and uneven skin tone.

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Denise RyanDenise Ryan has over 30 years of sales, marketing, and product management experience in dental and medical device manufacturing. Ryan’s secret weapon is her unique ability to uncover what is special about a product or service and then passionately enroll others in that belief. She is an expert on light therapy and has been with BioPhotas since January 2012 as Celluma’s product manager and director of sales. She currently serves as their global vice president of brand management.

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