Friday, 24 September 2021 12:24

Acne Anxiety: Stress Effects on Problem Skin

Written by   Alex Hernandez

Acne is caused by retention hyperkeratosis; however, there are several exacerbating factors, including stress, that can cause breakouts in even those who typically do not experience acne. For clients who are acne-prone, there is an even higher likelihood of stress-induced breakouts.

Skin is affected by increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Cortisol disrupts insulin and blood sugar regulation as well as hormones that regulate sebum production. Insulin and blood sugar disruption causes inflammation in the body while an increase of sebum production overworks the pore – the pore simply cannot keep up with the body’s output of sebum and skin cellular shedding. This increase in sebum production coupled with increased inflammation results in inflamed breakouts. Stress also slows down the body’s ability to heal which can lead to worsened lesions and more lesions present at one time.

Soothing this inflammation topically is usually the first response; this can be done with topical ingredients like sulfur or icing the lesions. While topicals solutions will help, addressing the root cause for this inflammation, stress, is also important. Though easier said than done, get clients started on the right track to preventing stress-induced breakouts with the following tips.

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