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Precision Practice: Making Skin Care Inclusive

Written by   Troels Marstrand & Chaz Giles

Historically, skin care has been constrained to a generic approach of product development research, product development, and clinical testing that is not representative of client diversity or need. This has created two orthogonal client problems which can be referred to as the efficacy problem and selection problem.

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Troels ManstrandTroels Marstrand earned his Ph.D in bioinformatics from Copenhagen University and completed his post-doctoral research at Princeton University. Joining LEO Pharma, Marstrand worked on multiple projects ranging from early drug development to clinical research within medical dermatology. He was part of the founding team for the LEO Pharma Innovation Hub in Boston, MA which focused on noninvasive measurements of skin health. With a deep desire to bring precision medicine to fruition in dermatology, he co-founded Revea to take a scientific approach that puts the client at the center of skin care and increases diversity in the industry. 



Chaz Giles A problem solver, Chaz Giles has been on all sides of innovation working for Fortune 500 brands as a startup founder and venture capitalist. Giles founded Revea in 2020 to bring precision medicine to skin care where each treatment is optimized for individual needs and physiology. Most recently, he led External Innovation at the Estee Lauder Companies. Previously, Giles founded his first company, MomTrusted and invested as a venture capitalist at CitiVentures after starting his career at Procter & Gamble where he helped create one of their billion dollar brands. Giles resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his family.

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