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Featuring Facials: Signature Versus Customized Facials

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Have you ever wondered what the difference between a signature facial and a customized facial is? These treatments are different yet have a similar trait. Let us examine them both so you can understand how to use each in your spa practice.

Signature facials are typically a more advanced treatment. What makes a signature facial so special is that every aesthetics spa has their own unique version designed specifically for their philosophy, treatment modalities, and clientele. 

It is the one service that everyone drools over and wants to get – as they shouldIt consists of the best of the best modalities that you offer in yourspa. It can include a variety of things, such as a special massage technique to stimulate more blood flow, microcurrent for antiaging, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, or even a jelly mask. The list goes on and on.

Your signature facial is a trademark service, but depending on what it entails, it may not be suitable for everyone. For example, let’s say your signature facial includes microdermabrasion. If a client books a signature facial online and has mild to severe acne when they arrive for the service, it is probably best that they do not get that particular facial as it can cause more harm than good to their skin.

This is where the customized facial comes in and shines.Custom indicates that it is specifically personalized to each client’s skin type, skin concern, and overall needs. A customized facial gives you the opportunity to have an open discussion with a client about their skin. Use the consultation process to create the right facial for that specific client, and theprovide education for the client while walking them through the process during the service. They will leave the spa having a better understanding of how their skin works and how to treat it appropriately. 

customized facial is recommended for anyone, but the ideal clients are those who have major concerns with their skin or are first timers who are nervous about getting a treatment done. The signature facial is a uniformed treatment and typically recommended for a client who is a regular at the spa or someone with little to no complications when it comes to their health history and skin concerns. This, of course, is depending on what modalities are included in the spa’s signature facial protocol.

The similarities between the two facials are not because they are both facials; these facials are similar because of the feeling they give toclients. Clients will feel alive and well-rested and be amazed and happy with the results. Either of these facials will give them a major boost in confidence. These are feelings you will get to give, and they will get to receive with every visit. 

In conclusion, if you are asking yourself which of these facials you should offer, the answer is both. These are two amazing facial treatments that everyone should have on their service menu. You have the power to create a signature facial that aligns with your spa philosophy and favorite modalities, as well as customized facials that will give each unique client exactly what they need. Between the two, you’ll provide the right experience and results for every client, and they’ll be returning to your spa time and time again.

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