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Menopausal Acne

Written by   DERMASCOPE Magazine

Trendsetters share insights on their menopausal and hormonal-based acne products they recommend for clients.

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Laura Cooksey, L.E.

Acne Expert & Educator

Our L-Mandelic Serum collection is ideal for mature acne because it addresses three skin concerns in just one application.  These chirally-correct serums are not just powerhouses for clearing acne; they also improve the appearance of pigmentation and boast antiaging benefits with additional ingredients like l-lactic acid and niacinamide. Face Reality’s L-Mandelic Serum collection is a triple threat for mature skin.



Natalie Pergar, L.E.

Lead Skin Care Trainer 

Whole plants and seeds in the Eight Greens Phyto Masque – Hot are naturally high in phytoestrogens to help improve the look of problem skin. Phytoestrogens bring balance back to skin that has been impacted by fluctuating hormones, which regulates oil production and eliminates bacteria.


Joel L. Cohen, MD

Director of AboutSkin Dermatology and DermSurgery 

Acne has several causes including hormones, stress, genetics, high glycemic food, and possibly dairy products. Acne prone people should embrace oil-free or non-comedogenic products to minimize clogged pores and exacerbating acne and use topical retinoids diligently.  Emepelle Serum is a great daytime regimen for perimenopausal women with acne concerns,as it is oil-free and designed specifically for estrogen deficient skin.  Retriderm Mild is a high protein topical retinol helps with photo rejuvenation and acne.



Danné Montague-King

President of DMK- Danné Montague-King Co.

Many women experience what they think is onset adult acne in their late 40s

Most of the time this is excess cuticle build-up trapping Increased sebum through the hormone imbalance, manifesting in encapsulated fat pockets in the skin.Gentle removal of the redundant, dead cells along with antibacterial hydration products will minimize the problem.




rhonda allison serum

Shannon Easu, L.E.

CEO & National Educator for Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals

Hormonal imbalances definitely affect the skin. Teenagers, as well as adult hormonal challenges, may lead to acne blemishes. To support the skin, I recommend the Acne Remedies Balancing Grape Seed Serum, which contains wild yam extract, a natural progesterone that balances and supports healthy tissue and clary oil, which improves skin challenged by hormonal imbalances. It also provides potent antioxidants and restores skin balance.”

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