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Ultimate Understanding: Skin pH, The Microbiome, and Barrier Function for Skin Health

Written by   Robert Manzo

The art and science of professional cosmetic chemistry formulation has advanced significantly in recent years with modern research, development techniques, and an understanding of the skin. The understanding of the synergies of the skin microbiome, barrier function of the skin, and the pH of the natural skin surface is very important to understand. If in an optimal state of balance, these three properties (continuum) of the skin can, in part, define good skin health.

Why is good skin health important? It seems like an easy answer, but most professionals and consumers do not understand it well. Excluding skin pathology or disease, good skin health is defined by continual maintenance and prevention processes. Fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture, pore size, dry skin, dark spots, and other aesthetic issues contribute to the look of aging skin. A common root cause of these aesthetic issues is inflammation. How does skin barrier function, the microbiome, and the natural pH create a condition which degrades the functions of the skin?


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Robert Manzo




Robert P. Manzo, president and chief formulation chemist of Skinprint, founded Skinprint in 2002 as a cosmeceutical company focused on personalized skin care solutions for providers. Manzo holds 15 patents in skin care and associated fields, including a patent on customized skin care processes. He continues to speak and train medical based skin care audiences internationally and publishes in trade journals and periodicals regularly.

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