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The Prevention Plan: At-Home Steps to Address Breakouts through Environment, Habits, & Lifestyle

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Aestheticians, educators, and primary care providers spend much time explaining what acne is to clients and how it can be managed and treated. Currently, in the throes of a pandemic, the world is acutely aware of the sheer havoc a microscopic virus can wreak. The COVID-19 pandemic highlights that skin care professionals should really be speaking more about primary prevention, including the steps to build a healthy immune system and avoiding unnecessary exposure to aggravating and causative pathogens. Modern life has led to the introduction of an immune-compromising diet, a sedentary lifestyle, overcrowding, exposure to toxins and pollution, and the new development or over-production of pathogens. It is within the professional’s grasp to shift this paradigm to one where clients are able to take ownership of their personal health and the choices, they make surrounding it. Knowledge is empowering and sharing this knowledge with clients can be even more beneficial than the treatment itself.



Let us look at how to establish dialogue and advise an acne client on best homecare practices. Evaluating stress, diet, water intake, skin care routine, and their work, play, and home lifestyles are fundamental to understanding all the components that could affect their skin.



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Janine Ellenberger





Dr. Janine Ellenberger is a medical doctor with an entrepreneurial spirit skilled in integrating medical acumen into multiple health and wellness industries. Driven by a strong sense of mission and purpose to help improve wellness, the power of knowledge in overcoming health obstacles is key to her focus. She is currently the CEO of GR8 Skincare – a physician formulated skin care line integrating the best of science and nature.

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