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Two is Better Than One: Combining Modalities to Enhance Results

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We are living essentially in an Amazon Prime life and skin care has become no exception to this. Our clients come to us wanting results now with little to no downtime. They see before and after pictures on Instagram and want the after photo, without understanding there was a time frame of several months to possibly even a year in between those photos. Their desire is to have one treatment and use a few products – for one week, with the hopes it will reverse all their concerns.


As we know, that’s not an attainable mindset when working with skin. But as aestheticians, it is our job to evolve with the world and industry around us as it is constantly advancing. If the client is not satisfied with what we are offering they will continue their search and go to the next spa. So, what can we do to deliver results in a quicker time frame and gain the long-term loyalty of these clients? The answer is creating a customized treatment plan that includes multiple modalities in a single session. This will deliver results for the various concerns the client may present to the office with.



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Holly Sheppard




Holly Sheppard has been involved with the medical field for over 13 years, five of those years as a licensed aesthetician and laser technician. She also holds certifications in oncology aesthetics and eyelash lift services. She enjoys continuously expanding her knowledge and skills with advanced training. Sheppard takes pride in creating unique customized treatments with the latest technology that are both corrective and relaxing. She sees beauty in every individual and believes that taking the time to invest in your skin is a decision that lasts a lifetime. Sheppard performs all the various aesthetic treatments; some popular treatments include Intense Pulsed Light, laser resurfacing, peels, and facials, microneedling, Emsculpt Body Toning, Hydrafacial, and more.

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