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Wrinkles: Is Botox the Best Option?

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Most people think that when wrinkles appear, they need Botox to fix it. They typically think it’s their only solution! Botox relaxes the muscles from moving that are causing the wrinkle, but this is just a temporary fix. Botox is a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin that is produced by the bacterium clostridium. Botulinum blocks nerve activity in the muscles. Simply put, it is a brain toxin that paralyzes the injected muscle. Botox does come with risks, so individuals should always research before making any decision.



For clients looking for a natural alternative, microneedling is a great choice. Microneedling works with the body to treat fine lines and wrinkles by creating a microtrauma to the skin. The body then creates collagen to heal that trauma. When collagen repairs skin, it is repairs wrinkles as well.


Homecare products that contain passionflower can be useful, since it is a toxin-free muscle relaxer. Peptides that stimulate collagen and work on repairing the wrinkles caused by muscle contractions are also helpful.


By combining microneedling and impressive homecare products, professionals can offer clients a go-to service to achieve younger-looking skin, while getting to the root cause of wrinkles.

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