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Using CBD to Combat Wrinkles

Written by   Jackson Stonewall

Cannabis has officially made its foray into mainstream medicine with the introduction of the first-ever, CBD-based medicine designed to treat epilepsy. It has now reached a point where skin care professionals are passionately coveting for CBD topical and beauty products for their antiaging properties.


The best part is that hemp-derived CBD products are legal to purchase in the United States. But, be careful, because some cases may require a medical card to buy marijuana-based CBD.


With that said, let’s take a look at what causes wrinkling and how CBD can help with the pace of aging.




The thing that gives skin elasticity is collagen and elastin. But, once an individual has hit the 20-year mark, as a natural biological process, the body tends to start producing 1% less collagen every year. Loss in production of elastin gradually leads to loss of firmness in the skin.


Hence, it continues to get thinner and more delicate. A gradual and slow decline in the production of natural oils also reduces levels of moisture in the skin.


Both these factors combined further bring down elastin levels, thus diminishing the skin’s ability to heal.




External pollutants and sun damage are some of the prime external factors that can take a toll on the body’s elastin production and make it produce less collagen. These environmental factors can also make skin fragile, leading to fine lines, sun spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.


Many believe that external factors are far more impactful and responsible for nearly 90% of skin’s aging, versus biological and natural causes.




This is another major contributor to a decline in the production of natural collagen and elastin.




CBD carries a fantastic ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol binds itself with those receptors that are present throughout the body, thereby leading a series of processes that ultimately go on to show several beneficial results.


It works by combating both extrinsic and intrinsic signs of aging.


Many people like to consume CBD orally in the form of a tincture. Others like to infuse it with other topical treatments.


CBD creams, topicals, and lotions work on both the levels to reduce signs of aging. They interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system and yield a variety of effects.


It has powerful antioxidant properties. Pollution and ultraviolet rays cause free radicals that lead to the breakdown of collagen. With CBD’s powerful antioxidant properties, CBD oil fights those free radicals, slowing down the process of aging. Resultantly, the skin appears more youthful, firmer, and healthier.


Oil glands tend to dry up with age, leading to wrinkles and fine lines that become more and more prominent with each passing year. Many studies have gone on to show that CBD stimulates those oil glands and makes them secrete the much-required oil skin needs for locking hydration.


CBD houses excellent anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why most people feel more relaxed upon applying CBD ointment. It helps relax skin, thus smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles and making them less prominent and visible.




Lately, CBD products are getting more coverage by media, as well as the public in general. And, while consumers can get a variety of CBD products, not all of them may be available for consumption by the general public.


CBD derived from marijuana may not be as easily accessible, especially in a state where recreational use of cannabis is prohibited. California and Colorado are states that allow recreational use of CBD.


However, individuals can get access to products carrying less than 0.3% THC content. With that said, below are the three main CBD products and methods for fighting wrinkles.


Topical: This can be anything from soaps and lotions to oils and balms. Most of these call for direct application on the skin. Creams, in particular, carry a higher dose of CBD and, therefore, might offer more prominent and desired results. Be mindful of targeting areas where wrinkles are most apparent on the skin.


Oral/Tincture: CBD products can also be edible, in the form of a tincture. These are placed under the tongue for direct absorption into the bloodstream. Tinctures carry a potent dosage of cannabidiol, which is a lot quicker to absorb by the body.


Hemp Products: While there is not enough evidence, some studies do believe that consuming hemp products like hemp oil, seeds, and other hemp products may have a positive effect on the skin’s appearance. Although hemp products may not be as rich in CBD, they are definitely something to think about.


It is paramount to check with state guidelines before buying any hemp or CBD products. Make sure they comply with federal regulations and do not contain more than 0.3% THC, which is the legal limit. Also, do plentiful research about the application process, product quality, and vendor before committing to any one product.



Jackson Stonewall is an editorial assistant at Industrial Hemp Farms, a premium supplier of CBD hemp extracts that are sold for various health, fitness, and lifestyle purposes. Working as an editor, Stonewall is also responsible for studying hemp effects on various health issues.

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