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Catering to Client Diversity: Interacting with Various Generations of Clientele

Written by Tiffany A. McLauchlin

As we blaze a new path into our business success, appealing and enticing a broad range of clients is essential. Never have we had the opportunity to offer products and services to such a broad age range of clients:

  • The Silent Generation: born between 1928 to 1945
  • Baby Boomers: born between 1946 to 1964
  • Generation X: born between 1965 to 1980
  • Millennials: born between 1981 to 1997
  • Generation Z: born between 1998 to 2016



Before diving into the differences among the generations, let’s take a moment to discuss what all our clients have in common: trust ranks high among all clientele regardless of age. Establishing a trusting relationship between you and your client and continuing to do so over time is vital for client retention. Utilize a thorough client consultation process and offer products with real results.


When deciding what treatments and products to offer within your spa, let’s look at ways to market specifically to your best clientele category. Determine your clients’ personagraphics instead of their demographics – the needs and desires of clients. All ages prefer to shop in-person with products that show who they are and what they love, not what they do and how much they make. Engage clients’ emotions as much as their senses during a treatment experience, solidifying your beauty professional relationship for years to come. Finally, remember that confidence is beautiful. Show your best self at each appointment through professionalism and understanding. This will be appreciated by every client, no matter their age.



Baby Boomers feel that a sense of style is more important than clear, even skin. Open to trending, pollution-fighting ingredients, Baby Boomers prefer trusted, established brands. Though the eldest of the generations, they are still influenced by social media, magazines, and their daughters. Retail and recommend products such as overnight masks including turmeric and other botanical brighteners. Treatments focused on antiaging and pigmentation target this generation’s primary skin concerns, such as wrinkles and age spots.



As Generation X matures, fine lines, wrinkles, and greying hair are beginning to surface. As the generation that spends the most monthly on retail products, encourage clients to utilize a complete homecare program for optimal results. Corrective eye creams and treatment serums containing turmeric, probiotics, and CBD are must-have products. Both facial and body treatments are easily promoted, as aging does not stop at the face. Body chemical peels and nourishing wraps prevent future skin damage, while firming and toning skin. Non-invasive procedures, such as facial fillers, are most popular. Remember, Gen X also looks to their friends and social media for inspiration for their latest look.



Millennials enjoy the journey of incorporating wellness in their everyday lives. With their top-knotted hairstyles and winged-eye liner, they want to experience treatments they cannot duplicate at home. Creating that epic treatment only offered in-clinic gives them a transformative experience. Product pairings, such as cleansers and hydrating serums, help continue skin correction and maintenance at home. Ingredient infusions of charcoal, matcha, probiotics, and CBD balance and detoxify skin harmonizing with skin’s everyday wellness. Positive ratings from online reviews influence both retail and treatment purchases. Promotional items, such as water bottles for on-the-go hydration and keychain phone chargers, offer convenience and value to front-end specials. Extractions and tightening facial treatments address enlarged pores. Treatments providing immediate results with little to no downtime, with hybrid peel technology, satisfies clients’ importance for self-care and family time balance.



The most influential of the generations, Generation Z is also the savviest among clients. Make sure you can interact with various communication channels, including social media, website, and texting. As a generation that has always known the internet, they can easily mobilize digitally for their cause. Celebrities and online models influence purchasing patterns and makeup trends, with contouring and highlighting as focuses. Products need to be eco-sustainable and good for the earth. Environmentally stressed, oily, and acneic skin are primary concerns for Generation Z. Charcoal and coconut are popular mask ingredients, balancing skin’s microbiome and clarifying skin. Lip plumping products should be in beautifying packaging with the perception of luxury, as this clientele group spends the least on beauty products monthly.


A one-size-fits-all approach to monthly specials and generic product retailing is fading. Client expectations for treatments will be determined by the information gathered during the consultation process, personalizing each treatment experience. Empower clients to be your partner in their skin care experience, continually striving for optimal results catered to their lifestyle and self-care. Offer the latest technology in treatments and products. Seasonal service menus give you creative freedom while offering clients a new skin adventure with each appointment.


Tiffany McLauchlinTiffany McLauchlin is a licensed master aesthetician and instructor for over 20 years. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Utah. As a successful aesthetician, trainer, and consultant, she understands the needs of educational institutions, medical offices, and spas. Throughout her career, McLauchlin has developed custom treatments, manuals, and school programs for various professional skin care lines. As an experienced presenter and published author, her diversified skillset has allowed her to successfully market and develop new skin care lines internationally. McLauchlin is currently the director of education for Lira Clinical. She resides in Utah, has four beautiful children, and enjoys the outdoors.

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