Switching Product Lines: 4 Simple Steps to Ease Clients Through the Change

Written by Ann Brown, CEO and founder of Saltability

As skin care professionals, it is important to provide clients with the best products and services available on the market today. Sometimes, that means sticking with favorite brands that are known and loved. They are the products clients ask for by name and the best sellers on the menu. But, just like any business that thrives on innovation, successful spas cannot remain static for long. Whether a product line that has been used for years no longer aligns with the spa’s mission or a new brand has been discovered that will better serve clientele, change is often necessary. The question, then, becomes: how can clients be guided through the transition from a product line they already know to something unfamiliar? Keep these steps in mind to help clients through the change.


The more staff know about the products they are using, the better resources they will be for clients. This means not only educating staff about the ins and outs of the products themselves, but also letting them in on the thought process as to why the products lines were changed to begin with. What does this line offer that the previous line did not? How will it better serve clients? Think about all of the questions clients might pose about the switch and make sure the staff is equipped to answer.


The more transparent a professional is with their clients, the better they will handle the change. Answering their questions is important, but so is anticipating their needs. Consider offering a brochure or card on the new line at the front desk so clients can take it home and read up on the products when it is convenient for them.


Clients will be better equipped to handle the change if they know it is coming. Months before making the switch, begin hanging signage in the spa with information about the new products. Staff should also mention it to clients during their visit if the products they regularly use will no longer be available at the next session.


No matter how much effort is put in ahead of time, some clients will be tentative about any new product line until they use it themselves. Host a special event featuring the new line or consider running a special. This shows enthusiasm for the change while encouraging clients to give it a try sooner rather than later.


With these four simple steps, introducing a new product line to the spa is sure to be a cinch!

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