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Refreshed and Ready: Back to School

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A new school year is all about new beginnings. Students love everything new to begin the new year as it sets the tone for a fresh start. Every student deserves a new look, so they feel their best and experience a boost in self-confidence as they anticipate the new school year. It is important that every teenager has a look that reflects who they feel they are on the inside. This year has been all about inclusivity and acceptance as the world continues to try to build a bridge between people and embrace others regardless of any differences. 

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Jaclyn Peresetsky


Jaclyn Peresetsky is the founder of Skin Perfect Academy, Skin Perfect Spas, and Colore Me Perfect Analysis and Cosmetics. Her passion lies in advanced education for aestheticians in real life aesthetics. She contributes her expertise through speaking, writing, teaching, and continues to see her clients to further her knowledge and skill to share it with others.



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