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Lash Love: A Quick Guide to Lifting, Tinting, Extensions, & Adhesives

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Mask-wearing has really made more people focus on their eyes and explore other options to enhance their eyelashes other than with just mascara. Anaesthetician or makeup artist’s love of art and expression can be demonstrated through the eyelash services offeredto clients.



Customization in service offerings is the way to build a strong eyelash business. Often, spas will try to compete in pricing wars instead of increasing the value for the services they offer. An example of this is to take the time to do a proper consultation and analyze the client’s eye traits and enquire about their lifestyle.This information is crucial to recommending the right eyelash service and determining the right technique.Some eyelash artists forget the importance of the analysis and consultation when they are in a maintenance eyelash service routine.If you want a long-term eyelash client, then considering all aspects of the client’s needs and desires to deliver the photo-worthy results, as well as meetingthe client’s expectations is crucial

Consider the following when servicing an eyelash client. The client’s eye shape – noting if it is almond, upturned, downturned, round, or protruding, theireye sizeandtheir eyelids. It is important to note if the client has mono-lids or hooded eyelids, as theybecause of the different considerations than other eyelid types. The orientation of the eyes is also something to consider. Are they deep-set, wide-set, or close-setConsider their eyecolor, qualities of natural eyelashes as in the length, volume, color, and curl (if any), and the client’spreferences (a natural look versus a glamorous or dramatic look) should always be noted. Client sensitivities to allergies ineyelash adhesive or eyelash activating solutions is something to consider and ask during a consultation. Finally, acknowledge the client’s lifestyle and their tolerance for upkeep.

After the analysis, it is time to choose the all-defining service that frames and enhances the client’s eyes and what they are willing to try out.Keep a client happy and meet them where they are – not where you want them to be.Be realistic on what you know they are willing to do when it comes to care and maintenance. As you build a relationship with them, always recommend alternative eyelash services for optimal results. Be conscientious and don’t set them up for failure if you know what they are asking for is not a good fit for your specific client.Taking all things into consideration is important in choosing the right eyelash service for the right person.


Eyelash tinting is a great option for a client who has lighter eyelashes and wants to add definition through eyelash darkening and waterproof color.Clients who love swimming, water aerobics, do hot yoga or live in humid climates tend to love a low maintenance eyelash tint.Colors that are most popular tend to be brown-black, black, or blue-black.Blondes and redheads are great candidates for eyelash tinting because their eyelashes are light.Mascara can look too artificial, so the eyelash tint adds natural enhancement to their eyelashes. Clients will typically maintain this service by visiting the spa every four to six weeks to refresh their tint. 


An eyelash lift and  tint is the best option for chronic eyelash curling clients. Aneyelash lift will preserve the health of the eyelash, making them less brittle from the daily eyelash clamping.For clients over the age of 40, eyelashes start to “wilt,” and it may feel like mascara can weigh their eyelashes down.Doing aneyelash lift and tint on a client with wilted eyelashes, downward or sloped eyelashes, hooded eyelids, deep-set eyes, or crepey eyelids will really open up the client’s eyes and create a lifted eye appearance.A nice variety of eyelash shield sizes are available, so this service can cater to all different lengths and types of eyelashes.Most eyelash lifting kits provide eyelash conditioning-agents to maintain the health and the integrity of the eyelashes during and after the eyelash lift process.If clients follow the post-eyelash lift protocol for 24 hours, avoiding water and sleeping on their face, they will lock in the shape that lasts six to eight weeks.Only the new straighter eyelashes growing in will make them aware it is time for another eyelash lift.


Many clients desire a hearty eyelash girth and enhanced length for their existing eyelashes.Attaching individual eyelashes to the existing eyelashes meets the need for longer and thicker eyelashes and can last for four to eight weeks, requiring fills every two to three weeks to replace the eyelashes that fall out. There are a lot of decisions to make when considering what type of extensions will be a fit for that specific type of client. 

There are a few types of extensions, including synthetic, silk, faux mink, and mink (from animals).Choosing the right extension for the client’s eyelash type is important, as well as determining the correct type of lengths, weight, and curl.I call this the “art of the eyelash fan.”The chosen type, length, and curl of the eyelash extensions should lift, define, and frame the eye.One of the latest eyelash trends is the volume eyelashes.With this type of extension, apply two to six ultra-lightweight eyelashes to each of the client’s natural eyelashes.Volume eyelashes are generally made of silk or mink and are a great way to create a more dense, full look for your client.As aneyelash artist, the client is depending on you to advise them what eyelash type and design they should have. Be prepared to have a good amount of eyelash extension types to customize the best look for the client and what meets her eyelash desires.


When choosing the eyelash adhesive, determine the client’s tolerance and the type of climate they live in.Specific adhesives dry and adhere differently.Also, some clients will prefer a glue that has fewer fumes, so it is important to have a sensitive adhesive available.Be sure to educate them that the tradeoff will be reduced the time of eyelash retention because the ingredients that may cause irritation are the ingredients that give glue stronger retention.The key to enjoying repeat clients is having the right adhesive combined with the right placement and technique.The combination will have clients loving their eyelashes, as they can go longer in between fills, and they are more encouraged to maintain them with good eyelash care.

Overall, eyelashes can be a wonderful option for a client for enhancing their eyes, especially in this era of wearing masks.Mask can create more moisture near the face due to breath and constant rubbing so offering eyelash services will meet the needs of a client, as well as perfectly complement any spa menu. 

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Jaclyn Peresetsky is the founder of Skin Perfect Academy, Skin Perfect Spas, and Colore Me Perfect Analysis and Cosmetics.Her passion lies in advanced education for aestheticians in real life aesthetics.She contributes her expertise through speaking, writing, teaching, and continues to see her clients to advance her knowledge and skill to share with others.

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