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Mark Lees Skin Care Treatment for Clogged and Dehydrated Skin

Mark Lees Skin Care Treatment for Clogged and Dehydrated Skin

Advanced Rejuvanting Concepts

This classic Mark Lees Skin Care treatment deep cleanses while thoroughly hydrating the skin. Oil-free hydration relaxes skin for easy extraction of this frequently seen condition. An enzyme gommage removes dead surface cell buildup allowing for a better and deeper hydration treatment.

>> STEP 1 – Cleanse
With the skin pre-dampened, begin by applying Lait Clarifiante Cleansing Milk to the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, neck and décolleté area. Continue with upward effleurage strokes, beginning at the décolleté and ending at the forehead – spreading the cleanser evenly over all areas of facial skin. Remove cleanser using cool, damp sponges. Begin removal at the décolleté area using upward strokes, working toward the forehead. Rinse sponges as needed to ensure effective product removal.

>> STEP 2 – Exfoliate
Apply a thin layer of Papaya Prep Peel to the facial skin only. With gloved hands, apply the enzyme exfoliant over the jawline, cheeks, nose, and forehead areas. Once applied, allow the product to sit for six to eight minutes. Remove Exfoliant by moving fingers back and forth gently over the product. This gommage will come off in a consistency similar to pencil eraser debris (a change of under-head towel may be required).

>> STEP 3 – Hydrate
Follow the enzyme removal with a Hydrafluide application over all exfoliated areas. This will keep the skin hydrated after exfoliation and will make the skin more relaxed for extraction.

>> STEP 4 – Steam
With the Hydrafluide on the face, begin steaming the face at a distance of about 18 inches. For oilier skin with more clogged follicles, Desin-Gel Desincrustant Pre-Mask may be applied in oilier areas to loosen clogs for extraction. Steam should be applied over Hydrafluide and/or Desin-Gel for about eight minutes. Remove any excess product after steaming and prior to extraction.

>> STEP 5 – Extraction
Proceed with swab extraction in a normal manner. Focus on problem areas, typically the chin, nose, and forehead, being sure to remove conspicuous blackheads. Do not exceed seven minutes. Upon completion of extraction, apply Antigrasses Treatment Serum using a dropper. Be sure to apply a drop to each area that has received extraction, or where there are obvious large pores. This product will soothe skin after extraction, as well as help to prevent follicular inflammation that could lead to post-facial breakouts. Apply high frequency treatment over extracted areas. It is suggested to follow the dropper with the mushroom electrode, as the serum is being applied.

>> STEP 6 – Massage
Apply a generous amount of Hydrafluide for a non-clogging, hydrating massage. Use traditional European movements for 10 minutes. There is no need to remove the Hydrafluide once the massage is completed, as the skin will absorb the remainder of this hydrator.

>> STEP 7 – Mask Application
Using a fan brush, apply Masque Clarifiante to the t-zone and Soothing Gel Mask to the cheek areas. The Masque Clarifiante will help absorb excess oil and will be mildly exfoliating, while the Soothing Gel Mask will provide much-needed hydration to the cheek areas. Allow the product to sit for about 10 minutes. Remove the mask product with cool, damp sponges or soft cloths. Begin removal at the décolleté area using upward strokes, working toward the forehead. Rinse sponges as needed to ensure effective product removal. Note: Toner will not be applied prior to the next step as this treatment is designed for exfoliation and hydration.

>> STEP 8 – Sunscreen Moisturizer Application
Finish the treatment with an application of Strataguard SPF-15. Apply to the forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, neck, and décolleté areas – spread evenly covering the neck and entire face.

For more information please contact Mark Lees Skin care at 866-616-7328, www.marklees.com, or CRR# 161.

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