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Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises Enzyme & Mask Trio

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Rhonda Allison Clinical Enterprises Enzyme & Mask Trio

The Enzyme Trio Facial targets dehydration, depletion from environmental elements, free-radical damage, and dull, slackened skin tissue. Following deep cleansing, the skin is treated with a combination of three Rhonda Allison enzymes, which will deliver a potent dose of antioxidants, and will smooth, rebuild, and purify the skin. This signature treatment will awaken the senses with delicious aromas and soothing sensations.

Step 1 - Skin Preparation
Squeeze Citrus Gel or Skin Brightening Cleanser into hands and begin cleansing. There is a very specific technique for optimum cleansing when using Rhonda Allison concentrated cleansers. This step is shown on Rhonda Allison Live website.

Step 2, Phase One - Enzyme Applicaions
Pepsin and Papain a digestive enzyme will begin the process of removing surface dead skin cells. Enzyme is applied to skin evenly (light steam may be used) and removed with wet gauze in seven to 10 minutes. Transformation has begun.

Step 2, Phase 2
Maui Peel is a blend of bromelain enzyme and the AHA L-lactic acid. This step will further soften and lift remaining unwanted cells and begin deeper regeneration. Smooth evenly onto skin and massage into skin for five minutes. Rinse with tepid water and gauze pads. Blot dry. Skin will feel like butter.

Step 2, Phase 3
Cherry Jubilee Enzyme is a phyto-nutrient enzyme and infuses antioxidants into the skin. When enzyme is applied place dampened eye pads on eyes and lay 4 inch gauze on upper and lower half of face. Wrap face in slightly warm compress for five minutes. Rinse skin with tepid water and gauze. Skin is stimulated and absorbable.

Step 3 - Vital Nutrient Application. Customized Cocktail Mix

• 2 drops of
Hyaluronic Serum
• 2-3 drops of Super
C Serum
• 2 drops of Amino
Peptide Serum
• 2-3 drops of Drops
of Essence

Blend into skin and begin stimulating face massage to increase circulation and aid in penetration of nutrients.

Step 4 - Milk Parafait Lift Mask Application (blend of three masks)

The Natural Lift Mask is prepared. This creates a setting mask and lifting affect for the skin. Add equal parts of Milk Mask and Grape Seed Parfait Mask to Natural Lift Mask. Mix well. The mask blend is cool and refreshing on the skin and works in tandem with the cocktail to nourish, hydrate, and refine skin.

Step 5 - Finishing Application
Mist skin lightly with Cucumber Spritz, a humectant spray, and do light tapotement. Apply a thin layer of Ultra Hydration Cream (a final antioxidant moisturizer) and blend gently into skin. Finish with Daytime Defense SPF30.

For more information please contact Rhonda Allison® Clinical Enterprises at 888-7-GET-RAW, or www.rhondaallison.com

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