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Essential Sculpting Treatment by The Phytomer Group

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Essential Sculpting Treatment by The Phytomer Group

Phytomer introduces a revolutionary contouring treatment with exceptional, visible results. Our new patented self-heating clay, targeted serums, and cellulite massage combine to help trim and sculpt your body in just five treatments.
Spa guests are attracted to this new treatment series because they only need to come in for five services, when most series require eight to 10 treatments. Clinical test results* back the results of this series.

Step 1:
First, the new self-heating Thermo Reducing Clay is applied from the knees to the waist for a contouring wrap. The mud activates the oxydoreduction process in the fatty tissues so that water retention and stored fats can be easily eliminated. This clay has a 20 year patent on its high performance oxydoreduction system – meaning its ability to activate and maximize the fat burning process. Some people have an imbalance between fat storing and fat burning – they store it easily and have a difficult time burning it. This mud helps regulate the imbalance.

Step 2:
After the wrap, our new Contouring Concentrate is used to perform a contouring massage over all problem zones. This unique massage gel is enriched with key ingredients that promote contouring in the most stubborn areas. The technology used to create this coconut oil-based massage balm allows the skin to absorb a high amount of potent slimming ingredients.

Step 3:
To customize the massage for a slimmer abdomen, our new Reshaping Serum is mixed with the Contouring Concentrate for the abdominal massage. It contains ingredients that work specifically on the type of fat cells located in the abdomen and waistline.

Step 4:
To customize the massage for the gluteus and legs, Firming Spray is misted on at the end of the leg, hip, and gluteus massage to firm, cool, and drain the legs.

*As always individual results may vary based on physiology and compliance with treatment series, amongst other reasons. Clinical tests were conducted by an independent laboratory, women between the ages of 35 and 55 were measured and analyzed by dermatologists throughout the treatment program. The program consisted of two in-spa treatments per week over the course of two and a half weeks, with the application of a home care contouring moisturizer two times per day. Up to three centimeters lost around the waist. After one treatment: 92 percent of women agreed with the statement, “my skin is firmer.” And 87 percent of women agreed with the statement, “my cellulite is less visible.” After an intensive course of five treatments: 78 percent of women agreed with the statements, “my abdomen is firmed” and “my thighs are less flabby.”

For more information about this treatment, contact Phytomer™ at 800-227-8051.

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