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BIO CHOICE - Non-Needle Alternative to Botox™

Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice is a new, fast growing part of the aesthetic market. Unlike Botox™, Bio Choice is a non-needle formula with 35 percent hexapeptide that is placed over the wrinkled area of the face. It is absorbed further into the skin with the help of time-released strip patches saturated with hexapeptides.

Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice firms and tightens the skin, providing an instant cosmetic lift. With the presence of highly moisture-binding ingredients, lines smoothen out immediately, resulting in the appearance of virtually pore-less and lifted skin.

Step 1: Cleanse the face with Bio Jouvance Paris Rejuvenating Foam Cleanser (REJ-600-P). Add 10 drops of Bio Jouvance Sargarome Essential Oil Blend (ESSO-930-P) to the water used for cleansing the face. Apply Bio Jouvance Paris Rejuvenating Rose Toner (REJ-605-P) on face, neck, and décolleté area; make sure skin is completely dry after application.

Step 2: For technical exfoliation, use Bio Jouvance Paris Gommage Sloughing Cream (EXF-875-P) for thicker skin, and Gentle Face & Body Polish (EXF-940-P) for thin, sensitive skin.



Step 3: For chemical exfoliation, mildly exfoliate the face using enzyme-activated Bio Jouvance Paris Octopeel Enzyme Peeling Masque (EXF-870-P). Mix one teaspoon of Octopeel with two teaspoons of distilled water to form a smooth paste. Apply the mixture to the face, neck, and décolleté area with a soft fan brush. Avoid the eye areas. If the Octopeel gets into the eyes, clean and wash with eyewash immediately. Apply steam for 10 to 20 minutes (depending on how congested the skin is) on the face, neck, and décolleté area. Remove the mask with sponges and lukewarm water several times until the skin is completely clean.

Note: If you wish to incorporate Europro Ultrasonic MicroDermabrasion (Euro-1501), Crystal MicroDermabrasion (Euro-1670), or Diamond Dermabrasion (Euro-1680) with your treatment, you should proceed at this time.

Step 4: Analyze the client’s face to detect the deepest wrinkles. Using the tip of the syringe, apply a generous amount of Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice Serum (BTL-890-P) on the wrinkles, covering all lines and wrinkles with the product. Using the tip of the syringe against the skin, massage the Bio Choice into the wrinkles and lines in circular and upward motion.
Note: It is safe to use Bio Choice Serum around the eyes and mouth, neck, and décolleté area.

Step 5: Moisten Bio Jouvance Bio Choice Strips (BTL-890-ST) by spraying it with Bio Jouvance Rejuvenating Rose Toner (REJ-605-P). Apply the Strips (time-release saturated in Bio Choice ingredients) over the areas where you applied the Bio Choice Serum. Use your fingertips and a little pressure to stabilize the strips.

Step 6: For added maximum moisture, take off the strips and apply the Bio Jouvance Paris Hydrogel Marine DNA (SPC-860-R) all over the face and massage it into the skin under eyelids and lips. Let it absorb.



Step 7: Complete the facial treatment by applying the Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice Cream (BTL-890-P2) all over the face, neck, and décolleté area.



Step 8: Apply Bio Jouvance Paris 4-in-1 Sunscreen SPF 30 (SPC-845-P) over the Bio Choice Cream, if treatment is done during daytime.

Note: Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice Treatment is most effective when it is offered in a series of six treatments. It can be offered as a booster treatment in a single application. Home Care products of Bio Choice Cream and Bio Choice Serum enhance salon treatment and make sure the effects last longer.

For more information or to view the video of Bio Jouvance Paris Signature Treatments,
visit www.biojouvance.com or call 800-272-1716.

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