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Bio-Therapeutic presents the bt-Cocktail™ Lift

Bio-Therapeutic presents the bt-Cocktail™ Lift

The bt-nano™ is “lift equipped” with the latest innovation; the bt-Cocktail™ Lift. This two step miniature lift can be performed as a stand alone service, or as an adjunct to the bt-Cocktail™ facial. The bt-Cocktail™ Lift is more than a facial; it is a system that enhances your skin’s texture and facial contour, while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The bt-Cocktail™ product system is designed to be used professionally and at home daily. Maximum results have been clinically proven to be realized over the course of 45 to 60 days of use.

Step 1
Begin the service with a thorough cleansing of the area using CLEANSE. Repeat. Rinse.

Step 2
Use the bt-analyze™ in five areas of the face and neck: forehead, crows feet, below the cheek bone, chin, and neck. Document the readings on the facial chart for both sides of the face, and observe the level of hydration. Compare to the last measurements.

Step 3
Apply EXFOLIATE to the entire face. Using the bt-micro™ in upward strokes at a 45 degree angle, peel all areas of the face and neck. After this step is complete, remove any excess EXFOLIATE with water and a warm towel. Use TONE to remove any residual debris.

Step 4
Apply RESTYFLUID™ generously to the entire face and neck and set the bt-nano™ to the appropriate setting: “Mode: bt-Cocktail™ Lift | Program: Lift > Option: 1-5” The Option selection range is from one to five. The Option selected should correspond with the number of services the client is receiving. A bt-Cocktail™ mini lift series consists of five total services. Following the bt-Cocktail™ Lift movement chart, perform the five lifting movements that strategically assist in gaining maximum contour in the common areas of concern; eyes, cheek and jaw lines, and nasal labial fold.

Step 5
Apply bt-Cocktail™ Energy 1 generously to the face and neck, and set the bt-nano™ to the appropriate setting: “Mode: bt-Cocktail™ | Program: Infuse > Option: 1-5” Using skin movements with probes and Bio-Tips™, ionize Energy 1. Re-apply Energy 1 to the eye area and continue to ionize until the product is completely absorbed. Apply Energy 2 to the entire face and neck and ionize. Re-apply Energy 2 to the eye area and continue to ionize until the product is completely absorbed. Follow the same protocol with Energy 3. The total amount of time that you will be performing skin work with bt-Cocktail™ products is approximately 10 minutes.

Step 6
Finish with a generous application of RESTORE to the entire surface of the skin, followed by SHADE.

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