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Silk by Five Star Formulators

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Silk by Five Star Formulators

Silk by Christina Laboratories

SILK directly infuses natural silk fibers into skin promoting youthfulness as a topical alternative to Restylane! Smoothing and retexturizing, skin becomes smooth, plump, and youthful. This pampering treatment instantly remedies the signs of aging, fills in fine lines, firms, and lifts skin. Distributed by 5 Star Formulators Phone: 888.200.3977 www.5starformulators.com

1 Gentle Cleansing Cream – Dampen face with warm water. Apply Gentle Cleansing Cream and smooth on to face and neck in soft round massage movements. Add warm water to fingertips with foam cleanser. Remove with warm compresses and pat face dry with tissue.

2 Soothing Exfoliator – Mix two teaspoons of hot water with one teaspoon of powder until powder dissolves into a thick and creamy texture. Apply to entire face, neck, and décolleté with a mask brush, avoiding lip and eye area. Occlude face with plastic wrap and apply a warm towel on top to maintain heat and moisture. You can also add steam for warmth. Let stand for five to seven minutes. Once you remove the towel and plastic wrap, massage residue into the skin for two to three minutes to spread and maximize absorption of the antioxidant rich plants, vitamins, and minerals. Rinse thoroughly with warm compresses. Discard remaining mix.

3 Active Toner – Lightly apply Active Toner to entire face with moistened cotton pad, avoiding eye area. Conduct extractions if necessary. Disinfect extraction sites with additional Active Toner.

4 Base Cream Mask – Spread a moderate layer of Base Cream Mask on face and neck. Massage most of the product into the skin, leaving a slightly visible residual film. Do not remove. Follow immediately with Silk Fibers and Silk Fiber Activator.

5 Silk Fibers and Silk Fibers Activator – Use approximately one full sheet of Silk Fiber per treatment. Break the fiber into small pieces and apply it directly on top of the Base Cream Mask. With one hand, release small drops of Silk Fiber Activator onto the Silk Fibers. Use the other hand to gently massage the area until the fibers dissolve and are absorbed into the skin. Conduct appropriate facial massage for your client’s skin type. Continue immediately with Step 6. Do not rinse off.

6 Silk Multivitamin Drops – Apply several drops and massage into the face and neck. Apply slight pressure for optimal skin stimulation. Massage until completely absorbed. Conclude by gently applying pressure to the face with your warm outstretched hands.

7 Remodeling Mask – Mix approximately three to four tablespoons of Remodeling Mask powder into a bowl and slowly add approximately two tablespoons of cold water while swiftly mixing to reach a thick smooth consistency (example: thick mayonnaise consistency). Spread mask generously to entire face and more thinly to the neck area. Leave mask on to dry for approximately 10 to 15 minutes without facial movement to enhance the wrinkle-smoothing properties of this mask. Expect the mixture to dry into a firm elastic mask that molds, supports, and lifts the client’s skin. Gently peel mask off and remove any remaining traces of the mask and excess residue with wet compresses. Conclude with the application of Silky Serum.

8 Silky Serum – Gently massage Silky Serum into the face with smooth, upward strokes to create a smooth skin finish.

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