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Danne Montague King

The Professional DMK Follicuzyme Treatment is designed to eliminate red raised bumps, ingrown hairs, and Folliculitis. It can be performed anywhere on the body for both men and women.
CLEANSING PROCEDURE - Cleanse* the skin with DMK hydra louffa, a botanical pH balanced body wash that exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. hydra louffa contains a natural birch bark extract, which effectively cleanses and loosens dead cell matter from the skin. After mixing hydra louffa with water in a small DMK green bowl, cleanse the skin in circular motions with the DMK fan brush. Wipe clean with a warm DMK towel.

1 Mix alkaline wash with aqua d’ herbs into a small DMK green bowl using a DMK spatula mix into a medium paste.


2A Apply alkaline wash to the area being treated and keep the solution moist at all times by lightly spraying with a water spritz. Allow alkaline wash to sit on the area until the hair crinkles and dissolves.

2B Very gently work the paste in a circular motion (one to three circles), do not rub hard or aggressively.

2C Use a cool damp DMK towel to remove the alkaline wash quickly and gently.

3 Immediately after the alkaline wash is removed, neutralize the area with exoderma peel plus for five to 10 minutes. Apply ice over in circular motions over the neutralizer. Remove the exoderma peel plus neutralizer with a warm DMK towel.


4 Apply DMK melanoplex drops to the area. melanoplex drops are anti-inflammatory, healing, and aim to inhibit the formation of pigment and are essential after an alkaline procedure.


5 Mix body enzyme with aqua d’ herbs for areas on the body in a small DMK green bowl with the DMK body brush into a thick creamy consistency.

6 Apply the body enzyme masque in thick controlled strokes and leave on for 30 minutes.
DMK Body Enzyme Therapy Treatments are designed to increase circulation and create a lymph drainage action. This is felt by the client as a tightening and pulsating sensation of the enzyme mask. This action promotes a rush of fresh new oxygenated blood from within the skin, due to dilated capillaries.
Oxygen carries nutrients and O2 Hemoglobin to the mitochondria of all cells. Oxygen aids in the removal of toxins, waste, and other cellular debris. A lack of oxygen can lead to malfunction of the mitochondria resulting in a dysfunctional skin system.


7 The body enzyme mask must first be softened with a hot and damp DMK towel before being cleansed with DMK hydra louffa in circular strokes. Gently wipe the area clean with a warm DMK towel.

8 The skin is now stimulated to a point where its’ absorption capabilities are at optimal levels. We then provide the skin with nourishment, through a transdermal infusion of essential lipids and nutrients.
beta gel, direct delivery vitamin c serum, herbal pigment oil and contraderm crème are applied before spraying with herb & mineral mist. The skin is then covered with cling film and followed by a hot, damp DMK towel. The hot towels are changed three times to ensure the skin stays warm and maximum absorption is achieved.

9 The treatment is finished by applying DMK transdermal sunblock and actrol powder, to heal and protect the skin.
* A patch test must be performed before applying the Follicuzyme Treatment.

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