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Aesthetics Medical SkinBorn® Medical Enhancement Treatment Facial

Aesthetics Medical

This fabulous exfoliating treatment is great for all types of skin from acne to aging. The treatment can be done before or after microdermabrasion, or as an exfoliant to prep the skin for extractions during a facial. Revealing a more even skin tone, leaving the skin feeling smoother, clearer, and looking radiant. Treatments can be sold as an add-on service or as our SkinBorn® Medical Enhancement Treatment Facial.

1 Cleanse skin using a dime size amount of SkinBorn® BHA Cleanser to fingertips cleansing in a circular motion. Remove cleanser with a warm towel. A second cleansing may be done at this point.




2 Using gauze sponges, apply SkinBorn® Astringent to problem areas.





3 Add two to three teaspoons of SkinBorn® Pineapple and Papaya Enzyme Peel in mixing bowl with very warm water. Mix slowly with a spatula. (Do not use brush to mix.) Consistency of peel should look a little thicker than pancake batter. Add a small amount of SkinBorn® Resurfacing Treatment to enzyme peel for additional resurfacing benefits. Make sure peel is free of lumps. Dampen brush in water, dip in peel, and apply starting at the neck, then outer peripheral of face, forehead, nose, and cheeks. Leave on three to six minutes, according to skin type. Peel should remain moist.


4 Enzyme peel may be occluded with plastic wrap around face where peel has been applied to keep from drying out, or can be sprayed with SkinBorn® Panthenol 5% treatment spray to keep moist.




Remove peel with warm towels, starting at the neck until completely removed.





6 Extractions may be done at this point if necessary. Apply SkinBorn® Astringent on area where extractions were done.





7 Spray skin with SkinBorn® Panthenol 5% Treatment. Apply SkinBorn® DNA Ampoule to entire face. Apply Ultrasound gel. Use handheld Ultrasound for 10 minutes to increase product penetration. Wipe off any excess gel with dry gauze.




8 Follow with SkinBorn® Lightening Gel, SkinBorn® Vitamin C Serum, SkinBorn® Soothing Moisture Cream, and SkinBorn® Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30.

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