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Sugaring paste is and should always be 100 percent natural and skin friendly and is water-soluble, so it won’t ever damage skin and is easy to clean up. The Advanced Sugaring Technique is performed by hand, so sticks and strips are not needed – adding up to savings of time and costs.

1 The area to be sugared is first cleansed using Presept Skin Cleanser - an anti-microbial solution to remove excess oils, makeup, lotions and debris. After all you would not do black head extractions over makeup… so the same applies when extracting hair.




2 After a thorough cleansing, Essential Tonic, an anti-inflammatory tonic, is applied to act as a catalyst. It has a soothing and calming effect on the skin. One of the key ingredients actually helps to open the cuticles of the hair shaft allowing the sugar paste to grip the hair even better!




3 The area to be sugared is then covered with a very thin layer of Vertal-6 Drying Powder to ensure that the skin is completely dry. Sugar paste is water-soluble and will not adhere to anything with moisture so keeping skin dry is important.




4 Once the area is prepped, the sugar paste is applied against the direction of hair growth. This type of application allows the sugar paste to coat all the hairs and seep down into the skin coating and lubricating the hair on the inside of the follicles as well.




5 The hair is eased out of the skin and is removed using hands and a special “flicking” technique in the natural direction of hair growth. Sugaring is repeated until hair is completely removed from the area.





6 The follicle is less traumatized and discomfort is reduced when the hair is extracted in the natural direction of the hair growth. Since the Alexandria molding technique makes the hair more pliable, apply the sugar paste against the direction of hair growth and extract in the proper direction. This helps to eliminate hair breakage, a leading cause of ingrown hair, and disrupted follicles, which can cause infected ingrown hairs.

7 The Essential Tonic is then re-applied to the skin to keep the follicles free of bacteria preventing pustules that can accompany skin that is post extracted of hair and left to the elements.





8 The treatment is completed with an application of Restore Hydrating Lotion that clams the skin and restores the moisture balance leaving the client’s skin feeling soft and clean.

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