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By | November 24, 2006
by Leah R. Patterson Vibrational healing or medicine is a term used to describe the modalities that influence the energy fields and centers of a person in order to bring about healing. Combined with aesthetics, the practice of advanced skin care, powerfully effective treatments designed to promote ...

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By | June 25, 2011
In the professional skin care industry, people are modifying and changing treatments every day to improve the benefits and lessen the contraindications. All over the world, visitors go to spas and request "your most popular treatment." But have you ever wondered what all the other spa's most popular ...

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By Linda Bertaut, L.E. | April 8, 2015
The following information is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The opinions expressed by the author are based on personal experience in healing from depression and offering energy healing treatments to clients. The purpose of this article ...

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By Devon Perry | July 20, 2016
Throughout history, the skin's color, whether a result of sun tanning or sun shielding, has served as a sort of status symbol. For many years, pale and refined skin was almost globally revered and sometimes attained through drastic measures. It was not until the 1920s that the tan became fashionable; ...

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By Sam Dhatt | March 4, 2013
Move over sunscreens! Make room for antioxidant-rich, pre- and post-sun treatments that not only protect against the sun's damaging UV assault, but (in many cases) repair and even reverse the damage. The effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin are well documented and the mainstream media has ...

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By by Courtney La Marine | November 28, 2017
With so many skin care lines on the market today, knowing and understanding all the ingredients can be confusing. Luckily, there are articles to help understand and effectively read a label on skin care products. Here are a few common, innovative, hazardous, and organic ingredients often found in the ...

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By Jeremy | March 21, 2016
Sciote Skin is excited to announce that their products now come packaged in personal message boxes. Building on their philosophies of awareness, knowledge, compassion, and love, they have added personalized messages of encouragement to each box. This company wants every person that purchases their products ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | December 22, 2015
This holiday season, DERMASCOPE Magazine and Grace Village Foundation sponsored a Christmas celebration for two families in need. The mission of Grace Village Foundation is to serve families in transition. They provide sanctuary, therapy, support groups, and developmental programs for shelter residents ...

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By | August 4, 2011
August 4, 2011 is National Pampering Day - an entire 24 hours devoted to embracing and celebrating the most important person in the world - YOU! While the other 364 days of the year are spent working, running errands and caring for loved ones, National Pampering Day allows a mental timeout for some long-awaited ...

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By Jeremy | August 19, 2016
Stemology recently announced the hiring of skilled industry veterans, Beverly Parsons and Aimee Allred Sprenger, for the brand's executive team. Parsons joins Stemology as the chief operations officer (COO) and Sprenger will fill the role of vice president of sales. Both women will provide business strategies, ...

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By Tata Harper, founder of Tata Harper Skincare | August 31, 2015
Skin care professionals interact with skin care products every day; when coming in contact with products so often, it is important that the ingredients in those products are to be totally trustworthy and good for their health. People love getting facials because the textures and aromas of natural products ...

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By Danné Montague-King | October 25, 2018
Fifty years ago, when I commenced this journey into changing people’s lives by upgrading their self-perception, the only beauty therapy available was presented in the form of “pampering palaces” of doyennes of beauty such as Christine Valmy, Ilona of Hungary, and Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door. I was ...

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By Jeremy | September 16, 2016
Intellective AEsthetics' co-founders, Dr. Erin Madigan-Fleck and Alexandra J. Zani, sponsored a three-day event, Symposium by The Sea, in Mashpee, Massachusetts. During this symposium, they presented Cells & Signals – The Skin in Motion™, an advanced education course. Their next stop was in Washington, ...

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By Lora Condon, L.E. | November 21, 2016
In order to be considered an accomplished makeup artist, proficiency working with all skin tones, ages, and textures is imperative. Unfortunately, retail cosmetic companies have only recently created makeup with enough pigment for medium and darker skin tones. Makeup lacking pigment will either not offer ...

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By Sara Fulton | December 27, 2016
by Sara Fulton and Vanessa Campa Exfoliation for skin health and rejuvenation is as old as the quest for beauty itself. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks discovered the benefits of exfoliation centuries ago, utilizing elements like alabaster, oils, and salt. Cleopatra bathed in milk as a mainstay of ...

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