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By Jeremy Lawrence | June 20, 2016
Boldijarre Koronczay, recipient of the ISPA Visionary Award, is an icon of the spa industry. After surviving leukemia during his childhood in Hungary, Koronczay moved to Vancouver, Canada with his brother to follow their dreams. Today, Éminence Organic Skin Care is an internationally recognized brand. ...

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By Lilliane Caron | April 21, 2017
Running a successful spa can be incredibly rewarding and profitable, but skin care professionals will need to be prepared to work hard. Professionals will also need to have basic business skills, be quick on their feet, and able to solve curve balls that are thrown at them. Most importantly, keep things ...

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By Boldijarre Koronczay and Brian Goodwin | August 24, 2017
When most people think of pumpkins, the first thoughts that typically come to their mind are having a comforting, warm pumpkin spice latte when the chill of fall is beginning to set in or enjoying a delicious slice (or two!) of pumpkin pie with the arrival of the holiday season. In general, pumpkins ...

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By Jeremy | June 1, 2016
On September 20th and 21st, 2015, the Aesthetics International Association (AIA) sponsored four continuing education classes at the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa (ICES) tradeshow in Long Beach, Calif. At this tradeshow, a wonderful group of speakers brought their passion, experience, ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 24, 2018
THE BEAUTY ARCHITECT Patricia Boland has nearly two decades of experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry. She is currently exhibiting that expertise within the Colorescience team as the vice president of research and development. Her vast experience in product development focuses primarily on the ...

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Get Your Wax On (And Off)!
By AIA | June 22, 2019
Get Your Wax On (And Off)! Presented and Sponsored by Waxxxpress Welcome aboard the Waxxxpress – a direct service to waxing with ease and confidence! On your journey, Kristie Conte takes you on a sightseeing trip of the most popular waxing treatments and products, stopping only to give you insider tips ...

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By Alexandra J. Zani | February 27, 2019
Sleep deficiency is reported to be a common health problem in the United States. There are long- and short-term consequences that include heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression.1 Physical signs may be swollen, sunken eyes, dark circles, pale dehydrated ...

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By Kelly Richardson | December 19, 2018
When staff members can tell customers a story about their first-hand experience with a product, they will be more confident in selling it. Two decades ago, before the modern internet and mass retailing took over the beauty and skin care world, spas derived a large portion of their revenue from retail ...

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By Brenda Linday, L.E., L.E.I., C.A.C. | December 18, 2018
All clients would love to turn back the hands of time. Skin care professionals must manage clients’ expectations with what is realistically possible, combined with superior treatments that will exceed their goals. Recent advances in technology and product ingredients, combined with scientific discoveries, ...

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By MaryJo Reeves, L.E., and Brenda Linday, L.E., L.E.I | November 27, 2018
Achieving the perfect makeup application is easier than it seems. To achieve perfection, understanding the components of facial structure is essential. This guide will answer questions like: How do I create a “beat face” using contouring and “lit” highlighting? What do facial shapes differ? Why ...

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By Danné Montague-King | October 25, 2018
Fifty years ago, when I commenced this journey into changing people’s lives by upgrading their self-perception, the only beauty therapy available was presented in the form of “pampering palaces” of doyennes of beauty such as Christine Valmy, Ilona of Hungary, and Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door. I was ...

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By Rachael Pontillo, M.Msc, CIHC, CNAP, LE | August 29, 2018
Custom skin care is a trend that has gained momentum rapidly over the past decade. Often, skin care is formulated, marketed, and delivered according to basic skin types – oily, dry, sensitive, mature, combination, and so forth. While certain skin symptoms, like dryness or uneven tone and texture, might ...

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By Ben Johnson, M.D. | August 29, 2018
It is probably safe to say that aestheticians often struggle with their professional relationships with dermatologists in their town. While society has deemed them as the foremost experts in the area of skin, many aestheticians know about treatments and concepts that are highly effective and excellent ...

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By Jeremy Lawrence | July 24, 2018
THE ANGEL IN CHARGE Becky Kuehn, the leading educator for oncology training in the United States had cancer when she was 18-years-old. It shaped the course of her life and defined her life’s mission. She realized, then, (and even now) there was a huge gap in aesthetic care for those going through cancer. ...

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