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By Mara Shorr | February 21, 2020
Working with aesthetic medical practices and medical spas across the country, one of the truest common denominators for areas of improvement is that of human resources. After all, your team can make or break the success of your business. At the helm of that team is the leader and if you’re reading this ...

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By Briana McKee | February 21, 2020
Congratulations! You worked hard on your resume, and now the job of your dreams is just on the other side of this interview. You are confident in your skills, and you know you will be a great fit for this company. So, why are you so nervous? Hopefully you are reading this article before your big day, ...

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By Elina Fedotova | February 21, 2020
Skin care professionals all know that to achieve desirable corrective results for clients, skin care professionals need to choose the most effective treatment products and protocols available. This is impossible without analyzing a complete list of ingredients and not just what is featured on the front ...

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By Virox Pro Beauty | February 10, 2020
As the Novel Coronavirus is an emerging pathogen, neither the EPA nor Health Canada have an approved test method for determining or allowing disinfectant efficacy product label claims. In cases of Emerging Pathogens such as 2019-nCoV, the EPA implements the Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance for Antimicrobial ...

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By Danielle Pastula | January 28, 2020
Your spa’s Instagram profile is the new three-fold brochure. It’s the introductory point, the attractor, and the place where your ideal clients go to discover the brands and products they can connect with. According to a study by VidMob, one in four millennials and generation Z users browse Instagram ...

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By Mara Shorr | January 28, 2020
Millennials are simultaneously gaining buying power in today’s marketplace and rising through the ranks as they age, potentially becoming a more popular target client base for your office. Born between 1980 and 1999, today’s millennials are seeking anything from fewer facial wrinkles and fuller lips, ...

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By Kelly Richardson | January 28, 2020
There are plenty of reasons clients can give for using a tanning bed, but none of those reasons can match up against the reasons for not using one. You may have a few clients that use them occasionally or some that absolutely refuse to stop, but no matter who your client is, it’s important to have crucial ...

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By | January 22, 2020
Everyone knows by now that baking for long hours in the sun – think poolside, margarita in hand, body slathered in baby oil – is one of the deadliest sins of skin care (right up there with smoking, popping pimples, and not washing off makeup at night). But, clients often forget about the accidental sun ...

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By Courtney Sykes | January 8, 2020
Aestheticians in 2020 are able to utilize nanotechnology and special acidic ingredients to create mitosis and desquamation of intercellular lipids in order to create new skin. This take on science is fascinating and propels many aesthetic professionals to want to gain more knowledge of ingredients, benefits, ...

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By Lina Kennedy | September 25, 2019
First impressions are always important and a spa menu is an opportunity to make an impact on potential clients from the get-go. When someone picks up the menu, that is the opportunity to provide all the enticing information they need to decide if the spa’s services are a match for them. The overall ...

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By Mara Shorr | January 3, 2020
We’re now in an era where, more than ever before, we’re hearing phrases like “provider and staff burnout,” “I’m just too busy for that,” and “self-care.” From yoga studios to juice bars, everywhere we turn, businesses are riding the #selfcare train to cash in on the need for busy people to slow down. While ...

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By Douglas Preston | November 18, 2019
Congratulations! Your skin care practice is a success and you’re too busy to take on more clients. Great work! And, because you’re an ambitious businessperson, you’re stressed over all those potential clients you can’t possibly take on working solo. The obvious solution? Expand, right? Add on one or ...

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By Kayla Thomas | November 18, 2019
Career changes at any time in your life are stressful and can sometimes feel time consuming. You tend to ask yourself questions such as, “Am I making the right decision?,” “Am I too old to make this transition?,” and “Is this the right time to make this alteration?” These are questions that often come ...

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By | November 26, 2019
Acne remains one of the most common and challenging skin conditions to treat. The most popular theory is that acne is a bacterial infection, but recent evidence would suggest otherwise. This article will discuss all of the pertinent aspects of managing an acne client, including the latest research, the ...

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By Kathleen Carney | November 26, 2019
Acne is a disease of the sebaceous hair follicle. Each follicle contains tiny hairs and multi-lobed sebaceous glands. In non-acneic skin, sebum travels up the follicle and out to the skin’s surface. Acne presents itself when sticky sebum and dead skin cells become trapped within the follicle. The sebum ...

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